Thursday, January 3, 2013

Win A Pair Of Tickets To The Wedding Co. Show

This unique wedding show is for the sophisticated urban couple looking to put their individual imprint on their special day. The Wedding Co. Show is taking place at The Carlu on January 11-13.


Comment below and tell us something special/funny/embarrassing about your wedding proposal (don't forget to include your name and email or Twitter so we can contact you) OR Tweet "Excited to start wedding planning with @theweddingco and @hipurbangirl!"

Value of the prize is $60. Contest closes Monday, January 7 at noon EST.

From the perfect venue, to cute bridesmaid dresses to wedding advice from the pros... here's everything you need to know to plan your hip + urban wedding!


  1. When he proposed he was soo excited that he fell over getting down on one knee. We couldn't stop laughing after that. Broke the tension for sure.

  2. My wedding proposal was so funny because my fiancee wanted to cook our families a special dinner and put the ring in my lasanga. He put the ring in a particular corner of the lasanga dish so that he would know which slice was for me. However, his mom sliced up the lasanga and put slices on different plates for us. It was really funny to see my finacee's face when he saw what his mom had done. It took some explaining when he began to search through each slice of lasanga for the ring!

    CK at

  3. My partner proposed while we were in NYC at the beginning of December. He did it at night in front of the big tree at the Rockefeller Center. He taped himself doing it, and I was absolutely not expecting it. I kept asking, is this a joke? Are you serious? Afterwards we kept grinning like school children. Felt pretty awesome.

    Daniela at

  4. I thought the plan is bring him to a wedding show so he knows it's about the right time to propose. lol

  5. Ladies, don't forget to include your name and email or Twitter because if you win the tix, we need a way to contact you! Thanks, Wendy

  6. My boyfriend proposed on Christmas Day. He set out a path of roses to my 'Christmas' present which was a huge box, I had to find the small box inside and inside that was a love letter. When I looked up from the letter he was on one knee :) He's a gentleman!


  7. Just wondering when you were going to announce the winner of this!

  8. Our lucky winner is Daniela! Congrats on your engagement and enjoy the show!