Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seeing Spots? How-To Wear Dots!

Think you’re seeing spots? No need to get your eyes checked, you’re probably seeing the polka dot trend that is still showing up in street style shots and stores alike. Most of us probably haven’t worn polka dots since our grade 6 school picture, but don’t let this be a reason to write off the style. Here are some ways to incorporate dots into your style in a grown-up, sophisticated way. 
Hipster – If the laid back look is your thing, then the key to working dots into your style is all in the layers. Disguise your dotted item, whether it’s a shirt or a belt, under layers of clothing. Avoid featuring the dots, rather blend them into your outfit.
Try: Wear this large print Polka Dot Blouse by Zara under layers or go minimal with an accessory like this dotted belt by Gap.

Sporty – Style maven, Gwen Stefani, incorporated her dotted sweater into her characteristically sporty style by playing on the monochromatic trend. She paired her dotted olive green sweater with a similarly coloured pair of cargo pants. In doing so, she achieves a streamlined style that is as sporty as it is chic.
Try: Go for a sporty short in a geometric print that downplays the dot pattern like these Geo Diamond Jacquard Shorts by Topshop.
Ladylike – Channel your inner prim and proper lady and make dots a feature of your style. Unlike the hipster and sporty styles, Poppy Delevingne goes for maximum dot effect and wears a head-to-toe dotted cropped navy suit. Topped off with a ladylike white blouse, Poppy embraces dots, rather than disguises them. If this look is more your style, try a dot print wrap dress that is classic and elegant. 
Try: For ladylike appeal, go for a print wrap dress by Kate Spade or a silk dotted blouse like this one by Madewell.
The key to wearing dots and avoid looking like a 10 year old is to work the print into layers and to incorporate them into your style in a way that suits you best. If you have to try hard to make the print work, then it’s probably not the right style for you. This pattern is not for everyone and that’s ok. If you do give dots a go, have fun, work with your own personal style and maybe you will end up in street style snap sporting the trend. 

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