Friday, February 22, 2013

Urban Eats @ Kinton Ramen - Toronto

Brrrrrr!!! Winter starting to get you down? Yeah, me too. I recently ventured over to the much hyped about Kinton Ramen in Baldwin Village. The noodle bar is narrow in space but full of warmth and hungry students from surrounding U of T and OCAD looking for a cheap and filling bowl of ramen. Now this isn't your neon yellow kinda bowl of Mr. Noodles that you get for 29 cents over at Loblaws. We are talking about pork bone broth simmered for over 20 hours with homemade and never dehydrated noodles.
Seating & Wait Time - There's not a ton of seating at this small resto, so expect a wait or come early. I rolled in at around 5:30 pm on a weeknight and got a spot right away at the elevated noodle bar looking into the open kitchen (best spot ever). By about 6 pm or so, the place started to fill up and by 7 pm it was packed so plan your visit wisely. Kinton Ramen is also available for lunch and that's definitely worth a try.
The Spicy Garlic Ramen ($9.80) - Blog husband ordered the bowl above and I was sort of jealous the whole time about it. Just look at that big golden and hunk of minced garlic and imagine mixing that in to the red spicy broth below. I definitely had noodle bowl envy. The spicy garlic flavour is perfect for people who might find ramen a bit bland. This bowl is served up with Kinton pork, bean sprouts and scallions.

The Shio Ramen ($9.50) - I opted for a salty pork ramen with pork shoulder (you can opt for belly instead if you want), scallions, bean sprouts and a seasoned egg. I didn't find the broth too salty and it was hearty and filling - in fact I could barely finish it! The pork is first simmered in the soup base, marinated in sea salt and soya sauce before it is caramelized before serving. Yes, we're drooling too. Extra toppings are also available on the menu from $1-2 each. I found the noodles to be a pleasant chewy texture that wasn't too tough, but perfectly cooked.
The broth brews for hours on end in this tiny open kitchen. The menu also includes other Japanese favourites like gyoza, chicken karage and rice dishes. since it feels like never-ending winter outside, we definitely think you should give Kinton Ramen a try. It's a cheap eat - under $10 for a hearty bowl of noodles seriously beats cooking at home.
Kinton Ramen - Toronto
51 Baldwin Street (In Baldwin Village)
(647) 748-8900

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