Friday, March 8, 2013

Fear Factor 'Food' By Chef Gordon Oliver

The Noodle Sundae

As you can tell from our blog – we like to eat out a lot. It’s a good thing, or else our food column would be completely empty. Lately, we’ve been thinking about cooking more and recently picked up an interesting cookbook by self-proclaimed celebrity Chef Gordon Oliver.

Pizza Pancakes anyone?
We’re not quite sure what to make of his recipes, which include ‘fusion-like’ dishes such as the Buffalo Wings Milkshake, Noodle Sundae and the Pizza Pancake. It’s sort of the type of fusion cuisine that pairs gross with grossest and may have actually convinced me not to cook.

If you’re sort of intrigued and disgusted at the same time (trust me, we are), tune-in to this cooking train-wreck on Thursday March 14th at 7:27 PM on CTV. Chef Oliver will be hosting a cooking segment called Eat Talk after etalk (totally confusing right?). It will be his first TV appearance and you’ll see firsthand the sort of fear factor type cooking that’s actually turned us off cooking.

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  1. I am not really an experiment eater. From the name of the food themselves, I don't think I would want to try these.

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