Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Get Healthy Challenge: Week 24

Welcome to Week 24 of Our Get Healthy Challenge! If you're just joining us, here is what you missed so far - so you can get all caught up. This is the *last post* in our six months series with pro nutritionists, The GetReal Gurls. They have helped us make small changes every week that build upon each weekly task. Our challenge this week?

Wrap Up, A Look Back and Move On.

Hello faithful challenge followers! This week marks the end of our 6 month GetReal! Get Healthy! Challenge. Thanks for your dedication and positive comments! We have really enjoyed taking on the challenge with you.

Over the past 24 weeks we have covered topics from sodium to mindful eating to strength training to meal planning and much more! If you've missed any weeks, fear not, check out this post for links to all the previous challenges. It can also serve as a "check-in" once in a while as we can sometimes find ourselves slipping into old habits. So maybe once every few months you pull out your food diary and record a week of what you've been eating or pull out the scale from underneath that mountain of laundry...

The key to long-term success is to constantly challenge yourself and make new goals. Maybe that would involve trying out one new healthy recipe every week or signing up for a new fitness class (clogging anyone??). This prevents the boredom factor that we humans are ever so good at!

Most of all, it's about a positive attitude and the willingness to never give up. So, you hit a rough patch and your healthy eating goes out the window... get over it and get back on the train - don't wallow in guilt or the past, there is always tomorrow, always the next meal or snack to get right back on track.

We look forward to hearing how your journey continues so please keep us posted! And if you have any suggestions for topics that we didn't cover, please let us know and we will get right on it :)

Way to go!!

- A & M, www.getrealgurlsnutrition.com 

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