Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vegan Handbags from Nella Bella

Last Thursday, Tarek Al-Azabat, designer of the Canadian handbag brand, Nella Bella, and Valerie Starchurski of Charming Media played host to a large number of Toronto’s fashion community to show off the Nella Bella's Fall/Winter 2013 handbag collection. A veteran in this community, Tarek was warmly greeting his guests and showed off his full collection of vegan, and multi-purpose, bags. It’s easy to see that Tarek takes a great deal of pride in his work and particularly what this season’s collection has to offer.

The bags in the collection ranged from large totes with shapely, structured forms to smaller, more casual bags with interesting hardware. Many of the event’s participants gravitated towards the slim iPad case and the envelope shape clutch. The leather-like material was incredibly soft on the outside with a matching soft, yet suede feel to the inside lining. It’s no wonder the iPad case and the envelope clutch were popular – it’s not everyday that you buy bags for your tech toys that feel so incredibly luxe. 
This year, Nella Bella will add knits onto their plate in collaboration with the Canadian company, Dylanium Knits. The knits previewed at the event included the very popular ‘snood’ or infinity scarf, which saw itself on many Canadians fighting the cold with style this past fall and winter. No doubt, this functional, yet fashionable, style will carry on with the lovely scarves created by Nella Bella. 

The Nella Bella price point is very reasonable, as you will find all of the bags are well under $200. With a great line of neutral colours (think, red, navy, black) and another line of metallics (think, bright gold), the price point makes it easy to not have to decide between one or the other.  

While you might have to wait to purchase from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, you can check out the rest of Nella Bella’s handbags online at their website:

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