Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Activity-A-Week: We Go Hula Hooping!

Once we hit adulthood, most of us leave behind much of the giggling, playing and silliness that carried us through our child and teenage years. The pressures of working, endless bills and daily adventures on public transportation ensure most of us only giggle in front of a TV screen or an empty bottle of wine. 

Why are we doing this? Isn’t it time we infused our lives with a little joy, a lot of laughter and an ab workout? Yes! And all you have to do is trade one of your dreaded weekly workouts for a Hula Hooping session at Sugar Hoops
Sugar Hoops is a hoop dance lifestyle company that specializes in connecting community, music and movement. Classes and Hoop Jams are designed to add joy to your life while toning your body and rejuvenating your spirit. Whether you think of it as dance, fun or exercise one thing’s for sure, hooping will get you burning calories to the beat.  

Owned and operated by Mandy Harvey, Sugar Hoops welcomes hoopers of all skills and abilities. Even if you’re a mess in the coordination department Mandy will have you effortlessly spinning a sparkly hoop in no time. A former cruise ship DJ and world traveler, Mandy is something of an international hoop ambassador.

When I arrive at class Mandy shows me a series of colourful hoops that range in diameter from gigantic to mini. She tells me that the larger hoops are best for beginners as she fits an enormous hoop around my waist. I’m told to stagger my feet, press the hoop to my low back, spin it around while shifting my weight from front to back. “Most people think you have to move your hips in a circle to hoop but it’s a front to back motion that keeps it going” says Mandy.  This is totally true and I manage to run the massive hoop around my waist on nearly the first try. “By the end of the class you’ll be hooping no problem” she says. Next we tried out the smallest hoop. Mandy worked it like a pro. I did not. 
Hoops used in class are medium-sized and are provided by Sugar Hoops for all participants. Those who are keen to practice on their own can purchase a custom hoop through Mandy and her team. Custom hoops are made by Well Rounded Hoops and come in an array of sizes and colours-you can even get them with LEDs

Everyone in the class is at a different level within the beginner zone but we are nevertheless armed with glittering hoops and ready to rumble. Mandy fires up the music for our one hour session and teaches us the basics of spinning the hoop, recovery techniques, hooping movement and games! 

My classmates, totally focused on their hoops are laughing, engaged and sweaty! After a series of exercises and drills Mandy leads us through some hoop assisted stretches and leaves us feeling relaxed and centered after our break from the pressures of grown-up life. 
About Sugar Hoops
Sugar Hoops offers Beginner, Dance, Flow and Youth Classes throughout the week in both the east and west end. For information about classes and times go to Sugar Hoops onlineYou can also participate in one of Sugar Hoops’ Hoop Jams, Book them for an event or attend a Workshop. 

Blog: www.sugarhoops.com/#!cupcakebot-/c1tpe
Twitter: @sugarhoops 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SugarHoops?fref=ts

Mandy Harvey
Toronto, Ontario
T: 647-882-4884

Kate Palbom is a Freelance Writer and Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. She lives in Toronto with a very handsome man and her dog Freddie Mercury and is currently developing a blog exploring the social and cultural realities of being a modern-lady. Follow Kate on Twitter @Lady_Parts_

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  1. What?! I must try this! I'm signing up for a class asap. DONE AND DONE :D