Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hip + Urban Girl of the Week: Ashley Diana Morris

Photo Credit - Odette Sugarman
Can you GUESS who the Hip + Urban Girl of the week is? With her svelte figure, stunning good looks and warm personality, it's Guess Lingerie and bikini model Ashley Diana Morris!

I first met Ashley in high school and we both gravitated towards theatre. We spent long hours in rehearsals for a production that we were in together and became fast friends. Beautiful both inside and out, Ashley is well poised to take on the elite world of modelling by storm. Say hello to Ashley Diana Morris!

How did you go from never modelling before to acquiring an opportunity of a lifetime by landing major campaigns with the ubiquitous fashion brand, Guess?

Horseshoe up my butt!  Right place at the right time. I met a Guess photographer at a Dierks Bentley concert and then three weeks later, was flown down to LA to test for the iconic brand. I had the chance to meet Paul Marciano and everyone at Guess and thankfully, they loved me. Paul Marciano surprised me in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, wanting to see what I looked like getting off a plane; thankfully, I had a heads up and changed, did my make-up and hair en route to the hotel. I don't know about most people but I travel in my Lululemons!

Photo Credit - Karolina Turek
What were you doing prior to modelling?

I went to the University of Toronto for English and Theatre and then to Centennial College for Sports Journalism. I was living in Vancouver trying to make a go as a reporter without much luck. I interned a lot!

What was it like shooting the ad campaign for Guess? 

We shot in LA at Milk Studios - the most famous photography studio in America from what I have been told. Everything from Victoria's Secret to Vogue shoots there. Very long days, but the best kind of work I have ever done. Going to work and getting your hair and make-up done - it does not get any better!

Y'know, just hanging with Oprah!!!
What other amazing opportunities have come your way since landing your big break?

A lot of press worldwide and right now, I am in the process of getting worldwide representation with agencies, then lots of work ahead. I got invited to be part of the VIP experience where I had the chance to meet Oprah Winfrey. She truly is an incredible human being and I was so honoured for the opportunity. Everything that came from her mouth gave me goose bumps. She really inspired me.

Photo - Karolina Turek
You have been likened to gorgeous and iconic women such as Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Schiffer. Are there any icons that you admire and draw inspiration from? 

I am truly honoured to be put in the same category as those women - big shoes to fill! I admire any woman or man who takes risks and goes for what they want in life.

With plenty of national media attention, you are being embraced as Canada's sweetheart. What was it like being suddenly thrust into the spotlight?

I don't think anything prepares you for this.  One minute life is normal and the next, the phone is ringing off the hook with the media wanting interviews. I am trying to have a ton of fun with it and am enjoying the ride. I just got back from LA where I filmed omg! Insider and the whole time it just felt like one big dream. I am still waiting for everything to truly click in and feel real.

As a native Torontonian, what are your favourite local hot-spots?

I love people watching in Yorkville on a summer day. My favourite place to eat is Sushi D on College Street; I love the rock shrimp there! In the summer you can normally catch me at a Blue Jays game having a beer :)

With Paul Marciano of Guess
What are your future aspirations? 

I will continue modeling for the next couple years and then I hope to one day host my own show!

What advice would you give to hip + urban girls who are trying to find their passion?

Always stay positive even when everything seems to not be going your way. Be nice to people and grateful for what you have. Believe that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Never settle in any aspect of your life. Confidence is everything - even if you have to fake it!

Photo Credit - Odette Sugarman
Connect with Ashley Diana Morris:

Twitter: @Ashleydmorris    

---- Alison Silveira

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