Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hip + Urban Mom: Does it Again!

This hip + urban mom has done it again! I’m bringing another hip urban baby into this world.

My husband and I decided it was time to have another baby and here I am, almost 4 months pregnant and ready to share it with all of you. Since this is my second baby I remembered pretty well what it felt like to be pregnant, so I knew almost right away when I was. I went to the doctor and got it confirmed and then told my family.

Soon after that it was time to see my doctor again. That appointment was used to fill out some forms and get the requisition forms for an ultrasound and blood tests. I was on my way, making appointments and taking care of business.  

My ultrasound revealed that I was actually a couple weeks farther along than we had expected. This meant that I was well past three months pregnant and thought it was a great time to tell other people about the pregnancy.

We wanted to make sure that some people were told by us personally, which included grandparents and bosses. Then we sent out some emails and soon the news spread. Now it is all over Facebook for everyone to see.

I will make sure to keep everyone posted on how my growing baby and belly are doing.

--- Lisa Wlodarski

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  1. Congrats Lisa! What wonderful news. Looking fwd to your updates. :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! Now Im closer to 6 months and feeling fine!