Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Activity-A-Week: Go BollyFuze!

When I was a little kid, Sunday morning meant getting up before my parents, eating a giant bowl of Cheerios and flipping through the 30 or so TV channels available to us (it was the 80s). This meant televised Sunday mass, infomercials, old cartoons and Hindu Movies-Bollywood baby! Everyone knows the unmistakable sights and sounds of these upbeat, golden love stories. Watching the elaborate dance numbers featuring women adorned in bright saris and dripping in gold I remember wishing I could be a part of the spectacle.

BollyFuze is a Bollywood-based dance workout designed to get participants up and moving! This one hour class blends together elements of Indian Classical, Modern Bollywood & Folk dance with main stream fitness techniques to deliver a full body workout. Classes are designed for all levels and abilities and feature the energetic beats of classic and modern Bollywood.

For my class I headed to the Toronto Street Dance Academy to meet my instructor Melissa. I wear leg-warmers and a colourful shirt to get myself in a dancing frame of mind and bring along the recommended water, yoga mat and face towel. Melissa is friendly, lovely and capable of making elegant shapes with her hands and fingers. We take our places around the studio and the warm up begins. The music is like your favourite dance track with extra drums and extra happy. As we get our muscles moving and blood flowing, Melissa teaches us some basics steps and hand positions. Her movements are smooth, concise and easy to follow. 

As we head in to the workout the music picks up. We learn a sequence of steps and Melissa guides us in putting them all together. She glides and jumps across the floor striking the shape of an intricately made Hindu statue smiling all the way. I follow her, a doughy white lady from Peterborough doing my best to keep up. 

Our session is a totally body workout and includes ten minutes of floor work targeting the core, glutes and upper body. We do an intense series of core strengthening movements and push-ups and finish it all up with a total body stretch. 

As a look around at the rest of the group I notice a few things. Everyone is sweating and everyone is smiling. Not only is this class a great workout, it’s good fun! 

High Intensity BollyFuze Classes run downtown on Sundays from 12:00pm -1:00pm at the Toronto Street Dance Academy (160 Spadina Ave.)

For other locations in Scarborough and Richmond Hill or to learn more about BollyFuze visit their website at www.bollyfuze.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bollyfuzefitness?fref=ts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BollyFuze
Register for Class: classes@bollyfuze.com

Kate Palbom is a Freelance Writer and Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. She lives in Toronto with a very handsome man and her dog Freddie Mercury and is currently developing a blog exploring the social and cultural realities of being a modern-lady. Follow Kate on Twitter @Lady_Parts_


  1. Looks so fun. I am definitely gonna give this a shot on Sunday.

  2. Hindi movies, not Hindu movies.