Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Activity-A-Week: Pole Dancing!

Being sexy doesn’t come naturally to me. There are women in this world who ooze sexuality no matter what they do and then there are women who really have to work at it. I’m in that camp. All attempts to channel Megan Fox or Dita Von Tease have only left me feeling like acat wearing moccasins and having its picture taken. When I was invited to attend a Pole Basics class at Toronto’s Brass Vixens studios I thought two things. 1.) This is my chance to work on my sexiness and, 2.) “meow”.  

Now, I’m not uptight, no sir. Not only do I have mad respect for a woman who can work a pole, I actually think it’s quite beautiful. It takes strength, poise and most of all confidence. Confidence is the magic ingredient. But then I figured since most of us spend so much time beating ourselves up, feeling bad about our bodies and staying in the background because of it, it was time to nut-up and work that pole as best I could.

Brass Vixens offers over 200 pole dance and fitness classes every month where women (and men!) of all abilities and ages can get down, get fit and get sexy. Toronto's first pole dance studio, they also offer Cardio Hula Hooping, Twerking, Sultry Burlesque & Aerial Fitness classes.

I arrive at the Brass Vixens Queen West studio on a Wednesday afternoon. The 2,000 square foot space is pretty and pink and features 8 brass 50mm poles, 3 brass 38 mm poles, beautiful hardwood floors and a full-length, wall-to-wall mirror so you can see how fabulous you really are. 

My instructor is Dawn. She is friendly and encouraging and helps me get over an initial stage fright and chronic self-consciousness. She is about 9 feet tall and wears hot pink fishnets and matching platform heels “it’s easier in heels, trust me”, she says. 

We (wo)man our poles and Dawn launches into a warm-up that includes simple swaying of the hips, a sexy sashay around the pole and a few elegant poses. She moves like a pro and as I look around the room I notice my classmates following her lead. “Let’s do this!” I think to myself. 

Over the next sixty-minutes I forget about the cat in moccasins and bring out my best Dita Von Tease, twirling on the pole, working the floor and making graceful transitions in between. Dawn breaks down each move into workable steps and guides us to put them together in a sequence. She tells us “you can be anything you want. You can be the nice girl, or the mean girl, or the naughty girl. The only thing you can’t be is grumpy or boring”. I decide that I’m mean girl and whip myself around the pole landing gracefully on the floor. 

I loved this trip to Brass Vixens. It’s a terrific workout and with so many things to learn, you’ll never get bored. Dawn was amazing. She knew her stuff, she was beautiful to watch and most importantly she encouraged us not only feel sexy, but to look up in to the mirror and actually see ourselves doing it. How wonderful to see yourself in a different way and like it. 

To find out when you can attend a Pole Basics Class at Brass Vixens check out their schedule.


Kate Palbom is a Freelance Writer and Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. She lives in Toronto with a very handsome man and her dog Freddie Mercury and is currently developing a blog exploring the social and cultural realities of being a modern-lady. Follow Kate on Twitter @Lady_Parts_

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