Friday, June 7, 2013

Gifts That Dads Want + Telus Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway!


Making carbonated water and homemade sodas are so simple, even kitchen-clumsy dads can set the bubbles free! We love how fast you can turn tap water into your favourite beverage and the cleanup is so easy. Just fizz to your taste and add the flavor of your choice. Our faves are root beer, cherry cola and the fruity green teas! The SodaStream comes in a variety of colors and silhouettes. (Starting at $120)

Dermalogica's Shaving Kit

This shave system is the ideal Father's Day gift. It's travel-size so perfect for jetsetting dads or the ones who just want to sample everything. This kit contains a Daily Clean Scrub, Pre-Shave Guard, Soothing Shave Cream, Post-Shave Balm, Daily Defense Block SPF15 and Invigorating Shave Gel. The result is a shave that delivers your healthiest skin possible. ($50)

Conair All Purpose Rechargeable Trimmer

Conair has a new All-in-One Beard, Mustache and Stubble Trimmer with a 2-blade technology that makes for a very precise trim without the irritation. Cordless or rechargeable, it comes with 6 combs for various stubble lengths so dad can get that perfect 5 o'clock shadow or the handlebar mustache he's always wanted! Yup, there is even a nose & ear hair trimmer, and best of all, it's Hip + Urban Husband approved! ($40)

Samsung GALAXY S4

Let Dad capture life’s meaningful moments with the 5 inch screen and Dual Camera mode (including a 13-megapixel rear camera). Air Gesture and Optical Reader detect motions, face and voice to enable screen control with no touch. Tons of apps ready for easy download and the Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 makes this device as tough as him! Available on TELUS’ blazing fast 4G LTE network for $199 on a 3-year term with a minimum $50 monthly plan before tax or $650 month-to-month.

Want to gift one to Daddy-Dearest? Tell us in the comment section why your Dad is #1 and deserves to win this smartphone. We will select one lucky winner on Monday, June 10 at 11pm EST. Don't forget to include your email/Twitter so we can contact the winner.

Blurb Photo Books

Make him extra proud of you this year – create a Father’s Day photo book that’s all about the best dad on earth – him! Document those precious father-daughter memories or special moments for new daddies. You can also easily create Facebook or Instagram albums. (Starting at $3.95).

Organics Live

Dad not eating his veggies? Make it super easy to buy organics by subscribing to this monthly curated box that is filled with 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 fruit (or get the fruit only box). Guaranteed freshness delivered to Dad's door weekly or bi-weekly. (Starting at $35 but use coupon code "HUG50" to get 50% off the first order).

Gift of Golf

Does Pops like to Golf? Give him the Gift of Golf and let him choose which course he would like to redeem his card at. If he's a procrastinator, the cards never expire and there are some great courses around the GTA for him to try out. (Starting at $69)


If your dad is a car enthusiast, make sure you give him some of the United Kingdom’s best automotive car care products. Used on the vehicles of the Royal households of HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales and available exclusively at Canadian Tire and PartSource, Autoglym products will help you achieve a truly stunning finish. By following the three step process of washing, polishing, and protecting with Autoglym’s Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, Metal Polish and Aqua Wax Kit, dad’s car will be ready for the summer roads in no time! ($55)


  1. I think all dads that are helpful and kind are great :) but here is why my dad should win: he didn't have to be my dad. He didn't have to date my mom, the newly divorced woman with two kids. Instead, he fell in love with all three of us and chose to be our dad! He has raised me and my brother as his own ever since. I'm sure there are tons of other dads who have done the same but he'd probably describe it as being gifted with children the way any dad was, just a little differently. My family is reserved and doesn't say I love you enough and I think this might be a cool way to show him. Happy early Father's Day to everyone!

  2. My dad is #1 for the reason he has sacrificed a lot! As a child I suffered miserably with asthma attacks and was often hospitalized. He would stay over night and drink lots of coffee and go back to work the following morning with very little sleep. I never really thanked him for it but looking back I am glad I had someone there with me.

    Happy Fathers day!

  3. My dad is #1 for the reason he has sacrificed a lot! As a child I suffered miserably with asthma attacks and was often hospitalized. He would stay over night and drink lots of coffee and go back to work the following morning with very little sleep. I never really thanked him for it but looking back I am glad I had someone there with me.

    Twitter: @MsJC_

    Happy Fathers day!

  4. Sadly my dad is not in my life, but I can tell you that my husband is an awesome dad! He is the hardest worker I've ever seen. When he comes home from work, he will get down on the floor and play with the kids, even when he's exhausted.

    After we had our 2nd child, we decided we weren't going to have anymore children and he had a vasectomy. A few years later I changed my mind and he went to have a vasectomy reversal because he knew how much having another child meant to me. It worked and we were blessed with our 3rd child, a baby girl. There's nothing he won't do for our family and he deserves to win!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  5. Sadly, my dad passed away almost five years ago, but he was the greatest father! He always put us first, and when people tell me I am very much my father's daughter, I am filled with pride and the best memories. I would give the phone to my mom, who has also become my surrogate 'dad'. xo

  6. Despite living 8 hours away, my dad is one person who I can count on to drop everything, make the drive down and help me out. I love talking business and travel with my dad and love to cook in the kitchen with him. He deserves a new phone so we can stay in better touch and text during his cancer treatments. emmawalpole at hotmail dot com or twitter Emmaleewalpole

  7. My dad is not one to show his love with words, but does so with his actions. He was always there watching at our sporting events, or to give us rides late at night, and would do anything to help us out.

    I would love to be able to give him this phone for Father's day, he deserves it.


  8. he always shows up when i need him

  9. He isn't my dad, but he's the dad to our new son and he is amazing so far! If my son could speak, he would say that his dad is number 1 because the first thing he does when he comes home is pick him up for cuddles, and because he provides a warm, comfy place to sleep :)

    Twitter @laurenrjacobs

  10. My dad is #1 because he only ever wants what's best for my brother and I. He's the dad who'll stay up late to make sure I come home safe, who'll wake up early to drive me to practice and who's constantly making scarifices for his family. He's superman to me...and somehow knows something about everything. The epitome of a hardworker and he's taken all the bald jokes my mom and I throw at him with grace. My dad is #1 because although he's a vegetarian, he'll bend the rules to try my food when I cook meat and somehow tolerate a 7 year-old phone who's most exciting feature is the game snake. Oy, I love my dad. <3

    (twitter: carmenhungry)
    Happy early Fathers' Day! :)

  11. Growing up you could always count on my Dad. Whether at a swim meet, skating lesson or a tennis match I could always look up in the stand and find Dad. As an adult he always let me know that if I need him he’s a phone call away. I couldn't think of a better Father's Day gift than a Samsung GALAXY S4.

    Tracey @yyz_talk

  12. Because my dad has scarified and worked really hard for his whole life to provide for us. He worked long hours, in far away places to give us the comforts of life, and now the children do the same for him. @western221

  13. Dad was my role model. We didnt spend as much time together as he was never really around (being a paramedic)(odd hours and such), and he died when I was 15, but my most vivid memory is of me riding with him in his van.

    He once told me "It's my job, son. I care, I help."

    Those words stuck with me. I didn't really get it back then, but now I realize that my father was a hero, someone who helped people.

    It was my dads/parents wish i become a doctor and that is what i am these days.

  14. For 20 years dad woke up every morning at 4:30 AM, so he could get to work by 6AM, so he could be home by 7PM, so that we could afford nice things.

    I don't think people realize how dedicated and just flat out stubborn you have to be to do something like this for 20 years.

    twitter - @oncefunny

  15. My dad is number one because he's so funny, he knows how to tease and make everyone laugh, I love that he can build and fix everything!
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  16. My dad is number one because he is supportive, caring and fights for what is right. He is a wonderful example of a father who is involved in his childrens lives.
    alaine74014 at gmail dot com

  17. My family and I always take car trips down to the States to do some major shopping. My dad is always the driver, and always maps out the best route for us to take - this route will hit the most amount of Marshalls, Bloomingdales, TJ Maxx, Macy's, Victoria Secret outlets, etc. My dad hates shopping - yet he always firmly hands over his credit card at checkout. I know this post may sound shallow, but to me, it really shows how great my dad is! He'll drive 10hours to take us shopping, sits in the hot car, waiting for us to finish, and NEVER COMPLAINS!!! Our happiness is his top priority.

    My dad would love this smartphone because he has a very hard time using his little cheap phone.
    Thank you!
    twitter: @melzzzzzzzzz

  18. My dad dropped out of school when his dad died and worked to help out his family financially, his siblings went to university because of his selflessness. He worked so hard for his whole life all for the benefits of others, while never asking or wanting anything. His selflessness nature i try to live up to.


  19. Growing up as a kid my father was never the type of person who showed his emotions or expressed them into words, but instead he showed it through his actions. Everything my father does has always been for the family, he's rarely ever taken a day off or splurged on items he wanted just for himself. He's very frugal and not really a materialistic person, heck he just got his first cell phone a couple years ago (really old outdated Nokia phone)

    Spending time with him is all he generally wanted, he would reject any expensive gifts(though I'm pretty sure he would accept this :P) I gave him as he would rather me save the money (hard man to buy gifts for!)

    I take a lot after my dad, so looking back at my childhood I can understand and appreciate all the things he did for me. Everything from making sure I was happy and having everything I wanted as a kid to picking\dropping me off anywhere I needed to be. I could\can always depend on him to help me without fail.

    I've learnt so many important life lessons from him, I'm very lucky to be his son. He'll always be #1 to me. So now you know a little bit about my father, I believe he deserves to win this smartphone and have something NEW for himself.

    Twitter: @apham17
    Email: apham17(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. My father started from a humble family in Jerusalem, born in the old city. A self made man that worked his way up from selling grilled corn on the streets and working in a slaughterhouse, to becoming a sucessfull businessman.

    But self made men are everywhere.

    What made him a great father is that when i was born, he had a consulting agency figure out estimated private university costs for the date i turned 18. And since then, he saved enough to make sure my sister and I could have a damn good future if we wanted one. When times were getting tough when i was in college, and he retired, i asked him how he still could continue to funding my education for me to finish my BS degree. He pulled out a yellowing sheet of paper, dated the year i was born, with estimated costs and error factors.

    He said i shouldn't worry about it.

    Thanks dad, I owe you the world, because you sure as hell made sure it would end up in my hands. @climaclub

  21. My dad is #1 because he can do everything, he's so funny also and he loves to tease, I remember when my daughter was 5 years old she told him that he was too old to tease, so what did he do he teased her even more, he is loving and so kind, I've truly been blessed with an amazing father that I thank the Lord above every day that he is with us
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  22. My dad is #1 because he inspired my career. He took journalism at Ryerson and was a reporter in Belleville, ON for over 30 years. He showed me that being a reporter required curiosity, writing skills, and let you interview interesting people every day, which led me to take journalism at Carleton University. He deserves to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 because he & my stepmom recently retired, and will be splitting their time between Florida and Ontario. He needs a new smartphone to help him manage his new split lifestyle! I'm @erinbury on Twitter and at

  23. My dad is great, always did everything a good dad should do, took care of me, bought us stuff, was a good role model. Good person in general, lots of people came to him for advice and to ask for help. He was always willing to go the extra mile to help people.

  24. My dad is the best because we do just about everything together as best buds. We go hunting and fishing together. We also did the tough mudder this year together. But, best of all he has been my softball coach ever since tee-ball and he helps me get better and better every time we practice together. I love him so much which makes him the best dad ever! Twitter: @dclub20

  25. My father was the most amazing person I had ever met. He passed away in 2009 of liver and colon cancer, but he was a loving, gentle, kind father and person. My dad was very involved in his church, and he offered free guitar lessons to anyone, any age. My father loved his children more than the sun itself and he would have done anything for us. He took us on many fun vacations and was never hesitant to take us to a movie we wanted to see or take us out to our favorite restaurant. My dad worked for Petro Canada his entire life after graduating and worked himself pretty high up on the ladder. My father was an amazing, hilarious, kind, hard working person and I miss him every single day more and more. Love you, dad! 81professor{at}gmail

  26. Me and my dad weren't as close when i was younger, but now we get along great. Maybe its that we have more stuff in common now or that he has mellowed out in his old age, but either way i am glad for how things have turned out. I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me.
    Samar - @iamgreatTO

  27. My dad has taught me everything I know about the finer things in life: cars, sports & beer! He has a quirky sense of humor that sometimes we don’t even get but laugh anyway because we love him. He is a man of strong character & determination! My sister & I admire the hard work he has done in his life to provide for us & better himself & our family. - Sehar Hermenson @spotastar


    My father left the world pretty early in my life, so my mom was a single mother. I had a heart condition for the first few years of my life, so my mom had to go to the doctors, like all the time to monitor my progress. But luckily she had a brother who really cared for us. He helped my mom go to all her doctors appointments, he was there when I was born. He and his wife have been the best uncle/aunt I could hope for. He can be seen in our home videos at my birthday parties helping my mom cook, stringing up the decors and taking care of me. He was there at my high school graduation, he along with my mother drove me to to university and helped me through uni(financially). So although I didn't have a father on a daily basis there for every little thing, he made sure he was there when I needed him and there for the big things. I'm very lucky to have him in my life.
    - Naureen

  29. My husband for Father's Day who is the most awesome parent and support system a i could ask for. He works a bajillion hours a week, and still finds time to help around the house or with our son. He is the best choice I ever made. @toronto310

  30. Growing up my dad was strict but caring. He cared for my education and behavior but then also took us on trips and restaurants an movies. Basically when it comes to raising kids that is what i would want to do. Roger Cheng raps0809(@)

  31. My dad's always been my inspiration to never give up. After escaping from Vietnam during the war and getting captured time and time again by the Communists, his determination brought him where he is today and I'm proud to say he's my dad. :)

    -Jessica Nguyen (twitter: jessicadnguyen)
    jessicadnguyen (@)

  32. This contest is now closed. Congrats to our lucky winner, Carmen and her awesome dad! Happy Father's Day everyone!