Thursday, June 6, 2013

Modern Stampede Style

Being a born and bred Toronto girl, I had no idea how big of a deal Stampede culture is to the people of Calgary. The annual rodeo runs for 10 full days and the hip + urban girls of Alberta have a fully stocked wardrobe and outfits to account for each of these days with a mix of 'corporate Stampede' to wear to work and 'modern Stampede style' to wear out with friends.
Local Calgarian Alex Kingcott and The CORE Shopping Centre personal shopper and stylist, Phaedra Godchild have built up their collection over the years with key pieces that they can wear beyond The Calgary Stampede. A lot of women invest their money into cowboy boots or hats that can last at least a decade! I was lucky to be taken under their wing and given a Modern Stampede Makeover (think fun western style meets boho chic festival) at The CORE, a super chic mall located at the heart of downtown Calgary
I brought along one key piece to the makeover session - my beloved Tory Burch black booties. Phaedra built my modern Stampede look around these boots, adding a pair of cut-off shorts, a mix of 'country-esque' tops and a fun floral statement blazer (above).
The goal was to keep it classy, without taking my 'cowgirl' look overboard. We found some great pieces at Artizia and Club Monaco with a reasonable price tag and reusability. Since my boots were black, Phaedra picked out a braided black belt, shorts and tops that tied back into this colour.

Plaids, florals, denim and lace are all key pieces that can work for Stampede or at any sort of summer festival look that you are trying to achieve. The black dress and jean jacket look (above) is a typical example of Corporate Stampede wear. It's a bit more conservative, but still evokes the Stampede style. And yes, dressing up for work during Stampede is a must. You'll feel silly wearing a power suit, when everyone is dressed to go to the rodeo - even if they're just going to the photocopier.
Phaedra is a personal shopper and stylist at The CORE Shopping Centre. If you have no clue what to wear or need some professional style advice - Phaedra is your girl. You can simply book an appointment with her at The CORE and have a professional shopping buddy to give you lots of advice on what to and what not to wear. She really pulled the whole outfit together for me and it was great to just sit back, trust her and go with the flow. It was also useful that Phaedra was able to create an outfit around my existing wardrobe.
Here is the winning look from my Modern Stampede Makeover! We decided on a gorgeous lace scalloped top from Club Monaco, easy cut-off shorts, braided belt and added a gold statement necklace and an arm party to complete the outfit. The gold accessories tied back to the gold detailing on my boots. That Phaedra is so smart. I never would have thought of any of this!

Where To Buy:
Citizen denim shorts - Aritzia, $223.00
Braided black belt - Aritzia, $35.00
Lace scallop top - Club Monaco, $149.50
Statement Necklace - Aldo, $18.00
Layered bracelets - Aldo, $18.00

Thank you again to Phaedra, Alex and The CORE Shopping Centre team for my new look!

How do you complete a Modern Stampede Makeover? With a custom-made cowboy hat of course! I'll be sharing more photos and a blog post on having a Smithbilt hat made for me. Stay tuned...


  1. Hey Lisa, where did you find the floral blazer? Must have! - Sumaya

    1. I saw it in Artizia at the end of April - it's by Talula!