Friday, June 28, 2013

New Beauty Products for Lips, Eyes and Nails

No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner

If you’re like me you’ve thought twice about what to drink/eat when you’re sporting a fresh lipstick application in fear of dealing with the dreaded colour-stained teeth or chin that may follow. With No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner you don’t have to limit yourself to a straw. 

It’s like a base coat for your lips to keep your gloss or lipstick in tact and in the lines for hours, and it’s smudge-proof, waterproof, lightweight and never needs sharpening. Apply the wax-based formula where your skin meets natural lip pigment, and even fill your lips in with it for extra coverage and stay-put power. ($14.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart)

EOS Lip Balm 

It’s not just the bright and fun egg-like packaging that makes this lip balm superior, the vitamin E-rich soothing shea butter and jojoba oil formula have something to do with it too. I’m a little obsessed with collecting all the flavors, and the Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit released for the spring have found a happy home in my handbag and desk drawer. You’ll need well-moisturized lips if you’re going to be indulging in the season’s bright lip trends, and these organic and paraben-free balms are a great place to start. ($3.99 each at

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows

Lately I’m all over Benefit products. It’s such a fun and playful line chock full of makeup bag staples, and I especially appreciate their useful application directions and expert tips that ensure I’m using everything to its full potential. The best-selling shadows are great for adding a sheer wash of colour when you just want something subtle, and can be layered for intensity or doubled as liner. ($24 at

Butter London Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat

Up until very recently the thing I loved the most about a fresh manicure was the beautiful shine. Then I was given a couple samples of matte top coat, and I’ve become intrigued by the edgier, flat finish it gives even the shiniest of glitter polishes. I particularly like the matte effect this topcoat from Butter London gives, removing all shine. Just be sure you’ve done as best of a streak-free polish application as you can because matte tends to magnify DIY imperfections. I’ve also found it’s not as chip-resilient as regular top coat so know you probably won’t get as many days out of your manicure as you might be used to. ($21

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