Thursday, July 18, 2013

6 Summer Trends For Girls Night Out

6 Summer Trends for Girls Night Out
I'm deep in the throes of planning Toronto's hottest girls night out of the summer and all I can think about is what I'm going to wear as the co-host! Although I'm not quite sure what look I'll be pulling off just yet, I know there's nothing like a girls night out to unveil the more brazen trends hiding in the back of my closet or tempting me out at the shops. If you feel the same I say GO FOR IT! Your real friends will either gush over the fabulous that is you or help you to quickly transform your what not to wear moment into a perfect ten.

If you're pondering what to wear the next time you and your crew head out for a summer fĂȘte try these 6 trends on for size:
  • The sophisticated crop top: A cropped shell looks elegant paired with a gauzy maxi skirt or high waisted pants.  My pick: Jenni Kayne Crop Top.
  • The sexy maxi: Wear with strappy heels, not flats and up the va-va-voom. My pick: Wild Sound Maxi Dress
  • The fun shorts:  Opt for a prim sleeveless blouse if you're showing a lot of leg or go with a sheer long sleeved blouse. My pick: Topshop Shorts 
  • The sky high strappy sandal: Choose nude to go with everything and consider a splurge if you want your feet to make it through a full night of dancing. My pick: ALDO footwear
  • The pop of neon: Liven up your neutrals or add edge to a more monochromatic look with a neon splash. My pick: JewelMint Teardrop shaped earrings
  • The flowers in your hair: Sweeten up a boho look or be the Charlotte of your clique for the night with a floral crown -- beach waves or loose braids, optional. My pick: Boohoo elastic headband.
-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert. She also plans a fabulous girls night out!

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  1. Shorts are my bestfriends these days because they are so comfortable to wear.