Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding Love in a Big City: Toronto

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Big cities can feel a bit impersonal. If you’re single, this means working a bit harder at finding love. Here are some ideas for how to meet your match in Toronto:

Where to Go
Find a match at The Maddy

The Madison Avenue Pub (known as The Maddy) has a fabulous mix of laid-back cosy-ness and bustling energy. It's also a great spot to meet a date. The pub is very popular with everyone, from students to young professionals and live music can be enjoyed several nights a week. Go with friends and see who you might just meet!

Have a game at The Ballroom Bowl

The Ballroom Bowl is a bowling alley, restaurant and bar in one, so it’s varied enough to give you the best chance of meeting someone special. Bowling is a great way to meet new people as it doesn’t take much to catch the eye of a neighbouring bowler and suggest getting a drink. Try the Ballroom Cherry Cola – rum, bourbon and vanilla with a cherry knot on top.

Grab a coffee at Hank’s

Coffee shops are great for passing the time while keeping an eye out for that special someone. Hank’s serves delicious coffee and snacks in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in Downtown Toronto. As well as being a great place to meet people, it could double up as a first date venue.

How to Meet People

Ask your friends

Even if your friends are partnered up, they’ll likely know others who are also looking for love. Make your first step in finding a date to ask your nearest and dearest for help. They can give you advice, set up handy social situations and help you have fun on your search.

Go online

Online dating, on websites like eHarmony (click here), can help you to meet a wide variety of people who are also looking for love. It doesn’t take long to set up a profile and begin your search, and you can personalise your matches based on age, location and interests to ensure your best chance of finding someone special. Many people go online in their search for love and begin lasting, fulfilling relationships as a result. Click here to find out more.

Join a class

Joining a club or a class is a great way to meet a date with similar interests and it’ll give you something in common before you’ve even had a conversation. Take a pottery class at the Throwing a Fit Pottery Studio or brush up on your dance skills at Joy of Dance. If you’re looking for a match with a passion for literature, try a writing class at The Moving Pen or meet a fellow artist at the Toronto School of Art. 

Things to Remember for a First Date

Keep it relaxed

Don’t book a fancy restaurant or choose an upmarket bar unless you’re both completely comfortable. To dispel those first date nerves, it’s best to keep things simple. Choose a venue that you’ve both been to before (to avoid any blunders on directions) with a relaxed atmosphere, such as a coffee house. This way you can keep things short and sweet (if need be) or suggest going somewhere afterwards if you hit it off.

Steer clear of heavy subjects

The first date is not the time to launch into your plan to be engaged in five years or to divulge secrets about your terrible ex. Try and keep things light – you can get into discussions about what you both want for the future when things are more serious.

Don’t stress about calling

If it feels right to call straight away, then do. If you’d rather wait a few days, then do that instead. Just remember – you won’t know your date well enough yet to know what their communication style is. They could be very keen on staying in touch or they could be more casual about returning phonecalls. Don’t panic if they don’t call back right away – if it felt right, trust it!

Thanks to our friends at eHarmony for sharing these tips.

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  1. These are great tips you guys. And yes you are right that finding love in a big city Toronto is a tough thing do, but I guess the secret to finding one is that you go out a lot so you could meet people.