Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hip + Urban Mom: Dealing With Maternity Clothes

At some point in your pregnancy there comes a time when your regular clothes start to feel tight. This means it’s SHOPPING TIME!
During my first pregnancy, I needed maternity clothes at the four-month mark. So my mom and I headed to a Thyme Maternity store. Since it was my first pregnancy we decided to stock up on all the things I would need. 

I suggest buying the basics of your usual wardrobe. If that means pants for work and a bunch of tops then that’s where the bulk of your money should go. If you live in dresses, or jeans, then stock up on those. It’s also important to think ahead a little bit. Chances are you will have at least one baby shower thrown for you so buy an outfit that can work for those types of events. 

You also need to make sure that you have comfortable undergarments. Another thing to think ahead about is nursing clothes. Invest in a pair of PJ's that you can easily use while nursing. Some come with flaps that open up and some nursing clothing have wide necks or wrap around at the bust.

The time for bigger clothes came a bit later during my second pregnancy at around the five-month mark. I decided to turn to online shopping to add a little bit of an update to my previous batch of clothes. My first stop was Old Navy and the Gap. You will have to go through the American site, but you can change the pricing to Canadian dollars. Since the majority of my pregnancy is over this coming summer I decided that a good piece to have would be a maxi dress.  

Another option for pregnancy wear is to just buy clothes a size or so bigger than usual.  These pieces will likely be the most comfortable after the baby is born. I have a pair of gray pants for work wear and some shirts. I find that in these pieces it is a bit easier to either hide your pregnancy when you aren’t ready to tell people yet or when you’re just tired of strangers asking you when you’re due.

The important things to remember when maternity wear shopping are that the sizes are all the same as your pre-pregnancy size and this is one of the times in your life when you look cute in everything.

--- Lisa Wlodarski

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