Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Things We Love!

The Microplane - I use it for zesting lemons, grating garlic or cheese. It's awesome because whatever your grating goes exactly where you want it to go and not all over the place. The secret is in the long plane shape of what looks like wood rasp. I've had one since Oprah told me about it and it's one of the most-used tools in my kitchen. If you're getting your first Microplane, I would suggest the zester/grater because you'll likely use this one the most for cheese & lemon. 
The Bodum French Press Travel Mug - I LOVE French Press coffee, but I'm not a morning person, which means I'm usually running too late to brew myself a proper pot. I found the Bodum French Press Travel Mug at a kitchen store one day and I've started using it for work and home. Just pre-measure your coffee into the mug the night before, simply hit the kettle when you wake-up and add water when you get out of the shower. Press after five minutes and you have fresh, strong coffee to-go. I even use it at home when I'm too lazy to find a mug. Works for loose-leaf tea too and I also pack it into my suitcase (since it's plastic) when I travel.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven - I know you're thinking, why would I spend $200+ on a pot? It depends, you can buy cheaper versions that work just as well - but I love the rustic look and feel of my Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I enjoy cooking and I use this pot for frying, making soup, sauces, stews and of course - Boeuf Bourguignon every winter. It's a piece that I will keep forever and probably pass down one day. It's just a kitchen thing that I truly love.

Do you have a kitchen item or gadget to recommend or you can't live without?

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  1. Yep the microplane is just so beneficial. Everyone that stays a lot in the kitchen should have the same device.