Thursday, August 22, 2013

Activity-A-Week: Treetop Trekking at Heart Lake

After getting my first taste of zip lining last December in Jamaica, I jumped at the chance to test out Treetop Trekking, a new aerial game park that just opened up west of Toronto in Brampton's Heart Lake Conservation Area. While a few zip lines are integrated in your adventure including an exhilarating trip over the water, Treetop Trekking is just that, a trek across 6 unique obstacle courses set within the trees that tests your balance, agility and tolerance for heights.

Hubby and I made a Saturday afternoon date of it and we had a blast. After being fitted for helmets and harnesses our session started off with a lesson and demonstration facilitated by our instructor, Ally. Next, we ran through a very basic orientation course just a few feet off the ground to confirm we were paying attention and could use our gear safely. Good thing too because once we set off to tackle the game park I realized we were mostly on our own. Don't let this scare you though! It's super simple to go from total beginner to feeling confident in no time flat. In fact, there was a group of kids flying through it ahead of us though I was pretty convinced they were descendants of the Swiss Family Robinson.

Each of the six courses is a little different with level of difficulty increasing as you progress. Courses includes various obstacles known as "games" that might range from log bridges to cross, ropes to swing from tree to tree a la Tarzan and even slides to scooch through. In the end, I felt engaged both mentally, as I tried to decipher how to best distribute my weight so I wasn't so dang tipsy on the game, and phsycially as my core put in some work maintaining my balance every step of the way.

Just $61.07 per adult includes equipment rental, lesson and a few hours to do your best to make it through all six courses including the grand finale zip line over Heart Lake. If you're strapped for time or just want a cheap thrill you can opt to do just that trip over water for less than $25. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 1-855-552-0090. Treetop Trekking is available at Heart Lake and several other locations across Ontario in Quebec. Parks are open rain or shine now through November and re-open mid-March, weather permitting.

Treetop Trekking Brampton
10818 Heart Lake Road
Brampton, ON
Toll Free: 855-552-0090

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