Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Stylish New Devices We Love From HP

Tech got chic this week in NYC where HP unveiled their new fall line-up of products released just in time for you to start buttering up relatives and crafting the perfect holiday wish list and we got the inside scoop. If you're wondering how the heck computers might qualify as stylish the answer lies in their new technology's ability to help trendsetting creatives do what they do best -- set trends. For example, HP has lent their products to Project Runway competitors for several seasons and has technology that top DJs are turning to let the beat drop effortlessly.

What does this mean for everyday music and fashion lovers? A rich user experience that supports our penchant for being current combined with sleek design. Here are a few of my favourites from the next generation of HP:

HP Envy Rove 20
I love the portability of a tablet but sometimes a miniature screen is just way too small to get actual work done. The HP Envy Rove 20, available now, is a completely mobile touchscreen desktop PC that can sit upright at various angles through its built in stand but can also lay flat for gaming or sharing. I'm not much of a gamer but I am 100% certain that curling up in bed to read the latest digital copy of my favourite magazine on a generous 20" screen might be the closest thing to flipping through the pages of a glossy. Starting at $999.99 CDN.

HP Envy 17 with Leap Motion
After a little incident in my backyard office involving a glass of wine, I'm in need of a new "proper" laptop and even though I'm not super techy, my inner geek is in love with the Envy 17 simply because of the very cool Leap Motion technology embedded. Leap Motion lets you control apps, play games and such by simply raising finger in the air. Available in the United States October 16th and starting at $1049.99 USD.

HP Chromebook 14
HP Chromebook14

I've been slow to fall in love with Google Chrome but after relying on it's Drive and Hangout apps heavily for biz, I'm seriously considering the new HP Chromebook 14. It's priced affordably enough to lose the guilt if I fall into my usual "one for me, one for the tree" holiday shopping habit and dressed a little more funky with silver, turquoise and coral options to choose from. The release date is "just in time for the holidays" and prices start at $299.99 USD. 

HP also unveiled some very cool software offerings including HP Connected Photo that partners with Snapfish by HP to allow for seamless access to all your photos on every HP device and social media apps. Even more exciting is the ability to print photos and create photo products like invitations, greeting cards and photo books. Trust me when I tell you that your mom will think a family photobook is the best gift ever. Reason enough to treat yourself now. HP Connected Music powered by Meridian. Beats Audio lets you pull music files from your devices plus other"popular music services including those that start with "i", digital radio and their own music store to create the best playlists ever. Let the dance party ensue. 

For a full overview of HP's next generation of products visit

-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert

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