Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grunge Revival Calls for Vintage Gems

As much as I adore summer (and I do mean adore) I must admit my heart really belongs to Fall. I love the changing leaves, the crisp air and, the fashion girl’s secret weapon, layering! No longer restricted to the smallest and lightest items we own, fall gives us opportunity to stretch our fashion muscle and build interesting, layered looks most often centered around an amazing jacket.

A solid fall wardrobe needs at least one good jacket. This season that means something worn-in and not too perfect looking, like a fitted leather biker jacket or a simple military coat. With grunge-inspired looks turning up everywhere from runways to style blogs, you’ll be cozy and on-trend in these fall staples.

If you’re not already a vintage shopper this is definitely the trend to begin! Nothing beats the look and feel of a perfectly aged leather jacket. Worn-in and soft from wear, a vintage biker jacket should fit at the shoulders and ideally sit just at or above your natural waist. Any good vintage shop will have a selection of leather jackets so shop around and see what best suits your style!

Military jackets, too, are best aged and slightly worn-in. A vintage shop staple, you’ll be able to find a variety of sizes, styles, colours and patterns. My personal favourite is a croc print military jacket I found several years ago in London, UK. I still wear it faithfully, dressing it up with a skirt and heels or tossing it on over jeans and a tee. Infinitely versatile, a military jacket from an Army Surplus store or vintage shop will have loads of character and will add an interesting dimension to any look.

Ultimately you want a jacket that can be worn over your favourite sweater, under a special scarf or just used as a light layer early in the season. Vintage shopping offers a great way to source truly unique, on-trend pieces and absolutely guarantees you won’t have the threat of passing other girls wearing exactly the same piece as you. Fast fashion outlets may be cheap and cheerful, but if you’re looking for a wardrobe with character and individuality there’s no better place to start than a vintage shop.

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With a penchant for modernizing vintage garments and a passion for contemporary style, Leah Gust has built a reputation for revitalizing forgotten and gently used garments through her Dundas West boutique, Dalston Grey and personal style blog, Leah Says. Leah is an avid traveler and amateur ice cream connoisseur. Follow her on Twitter @leahgust.

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