Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hip + Urban Mom: Planning a Birthday Party

It was months before my son’s third birthday that we decided on a Dinosaur-themed party.  Dinosaurs are one of his favourite things right now. We were told by family members that the third birthday is the one where kids start to understand what is going on. So we wanted to make sure that it was going to be something that he would like.  

I looked up party supply stores online and found that most places have a ton of accessories that we could buy. We ended up getting a Happy Birthday banner as well as hanging decorations, and streamers. When we sent out invitations to our family members we made sure they knew in advance that it was going to be a dinosaur-themed party and as a result our son got lots of dinosaur gifts!

Since our son is still the only child in our families I decided to add another layer to the party for the adults. Dinner was going to be Polish and Dutch foods so that our families could share a bit of our heritages with each other. Everyone brought food for a pot luck dinner.  

Like each year, we planned a couple of games. One was a scavenger hunt and the other was a dinosaur trivia game that we made up. Our son was able to run around with everyone while they were searching during the hunt and even help answer a couple of the trivia questions. We also gave each couple a gift bag with some dollar store finds as well as some Polish and Dutch candies.  
I decided to make a snack that I called “dinosaur eggs”.  These were white chocolate and cake crumb covered popcorn that I shaped into balls and wrapped in clear plastic wrap and tied with ribbon. This idea was inspired by a recipe a co-worker found on a blog. My sister, ever the amazing baker, even made a dinosaur-shaped cake!  

We made sure that our son had a good long nap before the party started so that he wouldn’t get grumpy part way through. We also decided to spread out the gift opening throughout the party so that our son wouldn’t get overwhelmed with everything all at once.  The party was a huge success and all the adults and our son enjoyed it all. 

--- Lisa Wlodarski

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