Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Anne Parks! The Woman Behind Menu Innovation at McDonald’s

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We’ve been testing out the new Mediterranean Veggie and Santa Fe Veggie Signature McWrap™ from McDonald’s and we were curious to learn more about the person behind the new meatless items on the menu. So we sat down with Anne Parks, Director of Menu Innovation at McDonald’s to learn more!

You went from working behind the counter at McDonald's as a teenager in the late 70s to now Director of Menu Innovation. What three pieces of career advice can you share with hip + urban girls out there? 

1. Choose a career or path you really enjoy and are passionate about
2. Listening is an underestimated skill – learn how to do it well
3. Be confident in all you do

I'm told that you live on a small farm just outside of Toronto! What spurred you to make this decision and to take on farm life? 

Food is my passion and walking to the garden each day and selecting fruit or vegetables from the garden for dinner is really amazing.

How does McDonald's conceptualize new menu items and how long does it take before it makes it into the restaurant?

New food concepts are created by connecting a series of ideas or insights from our customers, global menu items and lifestyle trends. Our goal is to always stay relevant to Canadians’ needs and wants.

How was the Veggie Signature McWrap™ created? 

We looked around the world for the best recipes, looked at food trends and spoke to our customers. We knew this product would resonate very well with customers because of the feedback we received – Canadians want more veggie options. 

Do you have a favourite menu item? 

I like a lot menu items for various reasons, but today I am really enjoying the new Veggie McWrap™.

What would you tell your 20 year-old self?  

Smile more and enjoy every day! 

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