Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week - Get the Pap!

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There are probably a million-and-one things you would rather be doing than getting a pap smear. Girl, I hear you – but we make all sorts of appointments for our personal well-being, but when was the last time you scheduled your pap?

I like to know that everything is running properly, so I schedule a check-up every year with my doctor to test for cervical cancer. 1 in 145 women will develop the disease in her lifetime, however if it’s caught early and treated right away, the chances of successful treatment are much higher. 

So what does it take? All you need to do is to book a pap test to be screened for cervical cancer. It involves having a small cell sample being taken from your cervix for testing. The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes and your doctor will contact you if anything comes back as abnormal. 

Cervical cancer is not something we love to think about, but the disease generally affects women under the age of 50. The risk level is higher if you are a smoker, are sexually active, take oral contraceptives or have been infected by the Human Papillomavirus. 

We’re helping the Canadian Cancer Society Ontario spread the word from October 21 – 27 during Cervical Cancer Awareness Week If you haven’t booked a pap in the past 3 years we definitely encourage you to book an appointment today and get checked!

Help us spread the word + join the conversation on twitter at #GetThePap or learn more about the disease via The Canadian Cancer Society Ontario.

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  1. Unfortunately due to government cutbacks, Women are only allowed to get pap tests every 3 years.