Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gumdrops Nail Lacquers: The Easiest Nail Art Ever

The nail art trend is still going fast and furious and yet my own personal painting skills just don't seem to be advancing at the same pace. To get an artsy on trend mani without spending hours of frustration, I'm a big lover of any polish or product that offers an interesting texture or finish so I was stoked to chat with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann a.k.a The First Lady of Nails and the Artistic Director of OPI by Nicole to about their latest innovation in polish, Gumdrops.
OPI by Nicole's Gumdrops Nail Lacquers offer a textured matte finish with hints of glitter that give nails a sugar-coated look in 6 new candy coloured (and limited edition) shades that are super long lasting and don't require a top coat. You will need 2 coats of polish and ample drying time to allow the look to set but zero artistic skill is needed to get a really interesting manicure. 

While I had Suzi's ear, I also asked for her expert advice about managing all that polish. She recommends ensuring your collection has at least one red, one vampy dark colour, a few funky colours and one nude shade at any given time of year and says you really don't need to worry about being matchy-matchy with nails and toes though she personally prefers matching in the summer. In terms of how to maintain that ever growing collection of lacquers she says simply and with a smile, "Buy some more!"
Gumpdrops Limited Edition shades include: I Lilac Gumdrops, My Cherry Amour, Candy is Dandy, Cinna-man of My Dreams, Blue-Berry Sweet on You and A-Nise Treat. Two additional shades, That's What I Mint (I'm wearing above) and Lemon Lolly also exist, though a little harder to find. Look for Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Nail Lacquers at Shopper Drug Mart, Rexall, Walmart and Loblaws. Polishes are $10.99 each.

-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert.

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