Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Urban Eats @ Bite Bar, Toronto

What’s decadently sinful AND easy on the waistline? A sweet bite from the Bite Bar, Toronto!   
Open since Spring and a big hit during this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Bite Bar serves up bite-sized gourmet desserts for those of us who have a sweet tooth, but who also have our health in mind.  
Never sacrificing on flavour, Bite Bar Founder Nisha Amin-Agnihotri uses real ingredients like butter and sugar in all of her recipes (no fillers or low calorie substitutes here!). The desserts are kept lower in calories by using small portion controlled sizes. With each bite only totalling between 40-80 calories, customers can indulge, satisfying their cravings yet feel guilt-free at the same time. Dessert lovers can take pleasure in gourmet cupcakes, marshmallow bars and cheesecakelettes (mini cheese cakes). Customer favourites include Just Bite It, a vanilla cupcake with a raspberry vodka buttercream, and PB ‘n J cupcake. In addition to desserts Bite Bar also offers herbal teas as well as dessert inspired cocktails.
Every month they feature a Bite of the Month, a special or themed bite that is only available during that month. I dropped by to preview and sample their Holiday Bite Menu, available to customers as of November. 
This holiday season you can be on Santa’s naughty and nice list with my top Bite Bar Holiday dessert picks:

Cranberry Apple Spiked Cider – I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like a warm cup of sweet apple cider! There is something about this beverage that just evokes those comforting, warm and fuzzy feelings we experience during the holidays. The Bite Bar takes this drink to a new level by pairing it with an oh-so gooey and yummy salted caramel cupcake bite.

Chocolate Eggnog Martini – I love the Bite Bar’s take on this traditional holiday staple.  Garnished with a rich chocolate cupcake bite and subtly spiked. So smooth and creamy, I loved it. 
Chocolate Orange Marshmallow Bar – This tasted exactly like Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I have no idea how they got a rice crispy treat to fool you into thinking you’re eating chocolate, but I like it!

Candy Cane Chocolate Cheesecakelettes – One word: Dreamy! This cheesecake is so velvety and light, yet rich all in the same bite. A bonus, the peppermint is not overpowering in the slightest. One is really all you need. 
When trying to decide on something sweet, I am often torn as to what to choose because I like so many different kinds of desserts. At the Bite Bar you don’t have to choose just one. During the preview, I realized that having a small size dessert made me want to take my time, savour it and be more conscious of the flavours and experience. Eating at a slower pace allowed me to realize I was actually truly satisfied with only a little piece!
Desserts range in price, from $1 to $3 for a single piece and are also available in bulk quantities. Bite Bar is located at Bay and Elm Street. Drop in - I bet you can have just one bite!

Natalia Dziubaniwsky is a professional in the not-for-profit sector, freelance writer and an avid traveller forever searching for a new adventure. A lover of life, wildlife enthusiast, movie buff and hobbyaholic, you can interact with her on Twitter @taliasfootsteps or follow her footsteps through her blog.

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  1. I tried going there and this is a fabulous idea and I have a dinner party to go to this evening. However I walked in 30 minutes after their posted opening time and the lights were off and they did not have any products in the display case. most people are visual and the offer of the person behind the counter to tell me what they had, did nothing to peak my interest. I left and they lost a sale.