Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Great Service Still Matters!

I once stayed at a hotel which left out a s'mores kit for guests by the fire 
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While I was doing my degree at U of T, I had a job working in retail selling cell phones. It was a combination of sales and customer service. I had to sell the phone itself, but I also had to deal with angry customers who came in when their phone didn’t work. 

It was definitely a balance of patience, understanding, listening and being empathetic to every person who came in. I discovered one thing early on in my career – it was easier to just go above and beyond to solve a problem and to provide great service to a customer instead of taking shortcuts. My clients would leave happier, notice the extra steps I took and felt like they were in good hands with someone who knew their stuff. Armed with this skill, I quickly became one of top salespeople at this organization while working only as a part-time employee.
A hotel in NYC that personalized my pillowcases with my initials!
I have long left behind my career in retail, but it has trained me to spot great customer service and sloppy service. When someone goes that extra mile, it does not go unnoticed, it actually makes my day and enhances the overall experience whether it be at a restaurant, hotel or while I’m out shopping. I leave thinking, “Wow. That person is really good at what they do.”
According to a new study from American Express, word-of-mouth travels fast and Canadians will likely tell 20 people about their positive experience. 37% of Canadians will talk about that great service experience for months and it’s infectious! 64% of Canadians will pass on another great act of service that day. I know it’s easy to complain about terrible service, but I think great service deserves some serious recognition as well. If someone does a great job, I ask for their business card, thank them by name and would pass along their information if I knew someone else could benefit from their help. I try to give back with referrals, a blog review or just from positive word-of-mouth.

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Have you ever had an amazing customer service experience? Why do you think it’s so important?

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