Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Celebrating GREAT Service!

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I’ve been talking lots about great service and what that means to me and why it still matters. I’ve even interviewed service expert, Julie Hay from American Express for her take. Now I want to hear from YOU. How do you celebrate or reward great service?

I once had a part-time job working in the wedding gift registry service of a major department store. A wedding guest had phoned in and had mistakenly purchased double the value in gift cards that she had meant to initially purchase while shopping online. She was so mortified of asking the couple for a refund for her mistake, that she called our department for help. After taking down her number, I made a point to make sure the issue was resolved right away and that she was refunded for the second transaction that went through by mistake. 

The following week, I got called into my manager’s office.

She had received a personal phone call from this customer, gushing about what great service she had received from me and thought I really went above and beyond in resolving the situation. Apparently she had dealt with a few other departments that weren’t very helpful, so she was relieved that she had found someone that took care of the issue right away. In all honesty, I was just doing my job and never expected a follow-up call to my manager. I thought it was really lovely that the customer took the time to call in and to make sure my efforts were acknowledged. I’ll never forget that.

So here are my questions for you!

#1 – What’s your tip to getting great service? Here are my THREE tips:


So what’s your tip for getting great service? Tell me! You can:

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I’ll be awarding the reader with the BEST tip with a special surprise! Can’t wait to hear all your answers.

xo - Lisa


  1. My tip for getting great service is to know what you want (remember you are not the only customer) and treat the person serving you the way you want to be treated. Not only do people respond better when you are pleasant they also are generally motivated to go above and beyond - not because it is their job or because they get paid, but because you have made a connection and they want to do it for you. They want to see they have made you a happy and satisfied customer. Once you receive that great customer service be sure to tip properly or take the time to tell them and their manager! So in the end you get what you give! That is my tip!

  2. Be nice to the person helping you. Smile and give compliments (only if genuine tho!)
    I really believe in ''You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.''

  3. I can't stand it when I see people getting frustrated with elderly customers. I really appreciate it when I see sales people going above and beyond for them or even just engaging in a conversation. I think as someone in a customer service position you have to be respectful for people of all ages and from all walks of life.