Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Hair Colour Makeover

By: Daniela DiStefano

This salon-colour loyalist and DIY dye virgin recently bit the home hair colour bullet, and it turns out I couldn’t have picked a better time. For 10 years the beauty geniuses over at L’Oréal have been working on a top secret at home hair colour technology that has finally become available in drugstores across Canada. 

To celebrate the launch of Mousse Absolue I was invited over to Eric Del Monaco Hair Studio in Toronto to be among the first to sport my choice of one of the 14 shades in the collection. I didn’t want to steer too far away from my natural medium-brown colour, but I wanted something a bit more dark and rich for the winter, so I went with #400 Original Dark Brown

Mousse Absolue is pretty much the easiest and most efficient at home colour you’ll ever find. There’s nothing to mix, AND it’s re-usable! The secret is it’s ultra chic dual-chamber packaging that keeps the pigment and the developer separate until you press down on the trigger and combine the two into a thick, no-drip mousse.  

At the salon, stylist Daniel Fortunato applied my colour, but a DIY newbie like me could easily do it herself at home. As it was my first application he used the entire bottle on my medium length hair to ensure all my strands were evenly coated for maximum colour, but when it’s time for touch ups (in about eight weeks) he said I could probably get away with two applications out of one bottle. 

Short-haired ladies can easily get two applications in one bottle, which I think makes the $18.99 price tag totally worth it. 

If I’m going to nix my salon colour habit for good I would definitely replace it with something as simple and efficient as L’Oréal Paris Préférence Mousse Absolue so I don’t haven’t to worry about messy colour mixing in my bathroom or tossing out a bunch of unused colour when I’m sporting a shorter hair cut. 

Do you colour your hair yourself? Are you curious to give Mousse Absolue a try?

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