Friday, December 13, 2013

Stay Hydrated Over the Holidays with Jax Coco

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Between the cocktail parties, champagne, wine and lavish holiday dinners – it becomes nearly impossible to stay healthy and hydrated through all this Christmas madness! 

Instead of nursing my party hangover with another chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie (guilty), I have started stocking my fridge with coconut water, fresh cut fruit and pre-made kale salad to keep myself on track.

Take a look at your social calendar and make sure you shop for healthy items ahead of time so you don’t resort to junk food and end up feeling worse, instead of better. 

Coconut water is also an excellent way to stay hydrated and is a source of potassium, vitamins and minerals.

New to Canada is jax coco - a premium coconut water that is 100% pure and not a concentrate or a blend that you might find with cheaper brands out there. The coconuts are sourced directly from the Philippines, before they are cracked, micro-filtered and packaged in a pretty glass bottle designed by Stella McCartney’s husband, Alasdhair Willis.

We love that there are no added sugars or preservatives in jax coco and that it’s packed full of electrolytes. I love an ice cold coconut water after a long workout or yoga class and a 200 ml glass contains only 40 calories. Since I’m trying to cut down on soda, I’ve been drinking coconut water with a couple splashes of pineapple juice and LOTS of ice. It tastes like a day at the beach! 

Keeping hydrated will keep you looking and feeling healthy, so you can make it through the next another round of holiday parties. I feel the difference in my energy levels and my skin looks a lot better when I’m hydrated. So make sure to swap in a glass of water between cocktails and have your jax coco chilled and ready-to-go for the next morning. Your body will thank you.

jax coco can be found at Whole Foods, Pusateri’s, McEwans, Summerhill market, T&T and select Loblaws and Metro stores. To learn more, visit them online at


1 250 ml bottle of jax coco coconut water
1 large banana
1 large kiwi
1/3 pineapple

Chop and blend. Add ice to chill.

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