Thursday, February 13, 2014

Go Ahead, Put Some Bling On it!

Stupid Cupid. That guy has it all wrong. This might not hold true for you but you know he's got some ladies stressing they haven't found the one while others are busy gauging true Prince Charming-ness based on the ability to guess (or follow your very clearly outlined clues) about exactly what to gift on February 14th. So, on the eve before Valentine's I challenge my fellow hip + urban girls to treat yo' self to some luxe, gilded and glittery fine jewelry because baby, we deserve it and nobody knows just what we love better than us.

Here are 5 bits of bling that top my shopping list: 

Morfologi Collection Stackable Bangle, Joseph Nogucci
Every girl loves a great arm party but what if a glance at your wrist was a reminder of something a little deeper? The WAVEMAKER Bracelet is meant to be charged with the many characteristics of the wearer and acts as a reminder of  attributes you want to embody. Choose yours in Black Enamel to feel Power, Rhodium to feel Calm or layer several for stylish look that is truly all your own. 

Custom Gemstone Love Necklace set in 18K White Gold, Shelly Purdy
Another personalized way to build your very own treasure trove, the LOVE necklace by Shelly Purdy allows you choose gemstones that resonate with you so you can wear them boldly for all to see. This statement necklace is set in 18K and the baubles are quite hefty so it's not a cheap thrill but it is an investment piece that will be passed down lovingly through generations. It's never too early to start thinking about your legacy. 

Maldivian Vine Capped Dangling Earring, Alexis Bittar
We know Cleopatra had them eating out the palm of her hands and these Alexis Bittar drop earrings with semi-precious stones feel like they rose straight from her tomb. Pair with the deepest, thickest kohl eyeliner you can muster and be prepared to leave a trail of broken hearts wherever you go. 

Herkimer Diamond Ring Set in Silver by Mark Kostiak Jewellery, Etsy
This raw cut Herkimer Diamond I scoped on Etsy is a little rough around the edges...but aren't we all? Despite the rich name, it's actually a crystal quartz with a unique diamond like shape. For the traditionalists who would rather receive diamonds presented by a gent on one knee, this is an affordable and funky alternative. 

Evil Eye Sapphire and Blue Topaz Charm, Links of London
If you're not used to buying yourself real gems, a charm bracelet is a great way to ease into the habit and will fast become a small obsession as you treat yourself to charms to celebrate milestones, travel and life's other joys. The are far worse things to be addicted to but if you're a worrier I suggest you start out with a charm that offers a stroke of good luck like this evil eye from Links of London that I'd love to add to my own collection. 

Permission to splurge starts now ladies. Happy Valentine's Day! 

-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert

Image credit: Joseph Nogucci, Shelly Purdy, Alexis Bittar, Etsy, Links of London

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