Friday, February 21, 2014

GTA Photography Classes

Still have no idea how to use the DSLR that you got for Christmas? I feel the same way, having this big honking camera and shooting on 'auto' all the time. I knew that there were features that I had paid for and was not utilizing. Luckily for me, the lovely Ana Belic (whom I met once before when she was the wedding photographer and I was the DJ) invited me to take a few sessions at her boutique studio, GTA Photography Classes.

The class sizes here are small and the comittment is only four sessions at two hours each to squeeze into your busy schedule. In my Photo 101 class, there were about six people total including myself and it felt like a private lesson. Don't have a fancy DSLR yet? The studio can provide loaners for those just starting out. So what did I learn?

The first class is a basic 101 covering the features of your camera and a few key rules on taking a good picture. The second session dives even deeper into F-stops, ISO, shutter speed and how to manipulate your camera to get the photo you want. Session three - field trip! The class heads out to nearby St. Lawrence Market to practice all our new shooting skills. The final session is a wrap-up and review. 
My instructor was the very approachable, Stefano Barbera - who is a professional photographer himself. He is very helpful and breaks down everything in easy to understand parts, while guiding you along a powerpoint of basics. It's a lot to remember over four sessions, but I'm hoping with a bit of practice and fiddling around I can get better.
The classroom itself is a serious of couches, chairs and a coffee table in the middle. You don't feel like you're in school but in someone's living room. I find it WAY less intimidating this way. 
Ana founded the school in 2007 to compliment her professional photography business, specializing in weddings and portraiture. A lot of the students go on to build upon their skills an take more advanced classes. The classes are small in size, interactive and hands-on in a hip boutique studio setting.
The really interesting thing about Ana is that she worked for five years in public accounting as an auditor before she decided to leave her corporate job and pursue her passion in photography full-time. To date, thousands of students ranging from young teens to retired professionals have enrolled in the classes. We had a great time, learned lots and can definitely recommend it for anyone looking for photography classes.
GTA Photography Classes
47 Colborne St. W #306 (one street south of King), Toronto
(416) 546-9089
A schedule of upcoming classes and weekend intensives are available online.

Photos courtesy of GTA Photography

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