Monday, February 24, 2014

Hip + Urban Mom: My Babymoon

A babymoon is a small vacation before you have a baby. I liked the idea of enjoying some time out relaxing before my baby arrived and before I forget what sleep is.  

My husband and I went on our babymoon about three months before my baby was due.  We chose a place that was close enough to home so that I could make it to the hospital on time but far enough away to feel like we were getting away. So we decided on Stratford - best known for the theatre.  

After spending the weekend there, we saw how quiet the town gets during show times. We decided to stay at one of the many hotels on the main strip. There are many restaurants to check out before shows. 

My tip here is to make reservations because it gets very busy until shows start.

We also did some shopping and checked out a couple of nice chocolate stores, some used book stores, and souvenir stores. There is also a flea market on the weekend that is partially inside and outside. We got some baked goods and canned fruit. 

We also found another smaller flea market downtown on our way to a cute little tea shop. We we bought some tea at the shop and plants for our backyard. 

My favourite afternoon was spent walking around the Shakespeare park drinking loose leaf tea. The park has beautiful flowers, a Shakespeare bust and is right by the water. Along this walk we got to see people taking photos for a wedding and for prom. After our walk we explored a small toy store that was packed full of some toys that you wouldn’t necessarily find in big stores.

The best part of our trip was being able to spend some quiet time together with my husband before our lives got busy. It is a trip that we can definitely look back on where we’re up at 3 am with our new baby. --- Lisa Wlodarski

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