Friday, March 7, 2014

My Amala Beauty Organic Facial Review

Do you get what you pay for? Absolutely. After experiencing an Amala Organic Facial ($175) at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah - my skin felt healthy and nourished. I had logged 33 hours of flying time during the four weeks leading up to my facial and my skin was a wreck.

I had severe dehydration and the altitude in Utah didn't exactly help things. When my aesthetician applied the Amala Cream Cleanser from the Soothe Collection (which removes makeup and calms the skin with ingredients like chamomile and desert fig seed), my skin drank up all of the nutrients and was begging for more. Excessive travel, stress and lifestyle can do this to your skin. I was then misted with a toner that contained soothing rosewater to further comfort my skin.

The Rejuvenate Face Polish did impress me in a big way. The grainy texture is made from cocoa bean shells and acerola (from cherries) infuse your skin with vitamin C for brightening. A vitamin-C based tingling serum was applied to seal in all that goodness, followed by a hydrating face cream containing jasmine.

Amala means “most pure” in Sanskrit and many of the organic whole plant ingredients are sourced via fair-trade partnerships from around the world. Amala founder Ute Leube says that they seek out, "The world’s most potent, healing plants, custom distilling and extracting their powerful essences to retain full therapeutic value." I really think this made a difference. There are no fillers, GMOs, sulphates, parabens or chemical gunk being used on your skin. I loved the idea of natural ingredients being used to 'heal' and calm my skin.

When I left the Stein Eriksen Lodge Spa my skin was thickly moisturized and I hopped on a plane back to LA that night. My aesthetician applied more product than usual so my skin would just suck up all the extra moisturizer while I was in-flight. It really helped. I woke up the next day with no breakouts and happy, healthy skin. I found the learning more about the ingredients and process helped me appreciate what I was getting out of the product. I will definitely be re-visiting the Amala Beauty line in the future.

Lisa Ng is also the Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day - a lifestyle blog for smart women, where this article first appeared.

Disclosure: My spa treatment was complimentary however the opinions in this post remain my own.

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