Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hip + Urban Mom: Making Your Own Baby Food

When my first son was little and starting to eat solid foods, we bought most of our baby food. We liked the convenience of just opening up a container and making our own baby food involved boiling the food and then taking out the food processor each time. Boiling the food also took away some of the vitamins and flavor and involved cleaning pots and the processor.  

Now that my second son is six months old, it’s time to start solid foods. This time around we were given a gift that is making our lives easier. My mother got us a T-Fal Baby Home.  It cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. I used it for the first time to make some apple sauce  and all I had to do was peel and cut up the apples and put them in the steaming basket. Then you put a little bit of water into the machine and turn it on to steam and leave it. It cooks for as long as there is water left and the amount of water you use depends on what you are cooking. One apple takes about 8 minutes to cook.

Once the apple was cool enough, you take the container out of the unit, take off the lid and you have the steamed food inside the basket. Then you pour the cooked food into the container which has the food processing blade. The blender works well and you can use it to make a nice smooth textured food that is easy for your baby to eat. When you reach that desired texture there is a spatula on the side of the machine that helps get the food out and into a little jar.  

The Baby Home comes with three jars that are BPA free. Actually, the cooking unit is also BPA free. My only issue with the whole system so far is that the lids on the jars are a little bit tricky. The jars fit one entire apple or about a quarter of a sweet potato. To defrost or reheat, you put the food into the steaming basket and add the water and let it warm up.
The best thing about this is that you can do all of these things in one unit. The steaming basket fits inside the blending container, the spatula slides into the side of the unit, and the water measuring cup fits into the unit as well.  

I would definitely recommend the T-Fal Baby Home to anyone who wants an easy way to make their own baby food. It steams the food which means it keeps all the vitamins and flavor of the food and since everything is in one unit it has minimal cleaning and doesn’t take up much space.  

--- Lisa Wlodarski

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