Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Tips for Choosing Your Next Investment Shoe

If you've been thinking about moving towards filling your wardrobe with pieces that are meant to last, a pair of expensive, classic black pumps should definitely be on your shopping list. Now I know shoe lovers get all hot n' bothered over that signature red sole and frugalistas think the whole thing is just marketing... but guess what? More expensive footwear is designed to last longer and look better over time compared to typical mall brands. I'm sure we've all purchased a pair of cheap and cheerful shoes that start to look ratty after one too many nights on the town, right?

If you're thinking about spending a little more on shoes this season, here are my personal tips for choosing a pair of designer pumps that will live in your closet for seasons to come.

Tip #1: Go for the almond toe: The lovechild of the rounded and pointy toe shapes, I find an almond toe pump to be the go-to silhouette if you're looking for a shoe that can go to work without looking too prim for the weekend. 
Christian Louboutin Tip #2: Choose a heel height you can live in today and tomorrow: While 5" heels might feel fab today, I can tell you, from experience, that 5 years from now you might be cursing yourself for being a little too ambitious. A 3" heel is a bit more wearable and still gives you a little lift. 

Tip #3: Opt for leather: Apologies to the vegans and PETA, but I personally find leather footwear really does wear better and last longer. In the case of designer labels, the leather used is usually softer and more supple yet very durable creating an overall more comfortable shoe that you can wear for seasons to come. 

Tip #4: Be a plain jane: If you're only going to pony up for one pair of really great shoes, skip the straps, studs or other embellishments for maximum wearability. It might feel like you'll be in platforms forever, but again, investment shoes can last a decade with proper care but certain trends no so much. 

Tip #5: Worry less about the label and more about the comfort: Again, I know the red bottom or certain logos give that flash of "I've arrived", but really, focus less about what brand you buy and more about how they feel on your foot. Some of the lesser known labels might make sense for you and honestly, anyone can spray paint a sole if they want to so try not to get stuck on a particular brand before exploring all the options. 

Bottom line, designer pumps generally start at $500+ so if you're going to go there, make sure you love them and will wear them, and not just for special occasions. Don't be afraid to go with nude or brown if you feel like those neutrals will better suit your wardrobe palette and be sure to ask your sales associate about how to best care for them so they look every bit as fabulous each time you wear them. 

-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert.

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  1. Great article Tamika! I know to keep that in mind when I invest in a pair of designer shoes!

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. Let me know what pair you end up with!