Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.
Allergy season is right around the corner and I am already dreading the runny nose, constant sneezing and itchy eyes in my situation. This ‘Pollen Vortex’ (the onslaught of tremendous amounts of pollen caused by condensed seasons – a.k.a. the long winter we had) can ruin my whole day and be incredibly distracting when I’m trying to get work done or just trying to enjoy being outdoors.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life and refuse to let them keep me captive. I have developed a couple tactics to keep my symptoms at bay and I’m hoping these tips will help my fellow allergy sufferers:

1) Keep Your Windows Closed – I don’t mean locking yourself into an airtight bubble, but consider keeping your windows closed when pollen is most active first thing in the morning and in the late evening. You can use the REACTINE® Pollen Forecast app for the latest pollen forecasts. 

2) Clear the Air - Don’t forget to replace your filters in your air conditioner at the start of spring so you’re breathing nice clean air. You want to avoid pollen getting trapped in your filter and have it re-circulate throughout your house.

3) Vacuum Often – Shoes track in dirt, which can irritate my allergies. Dust bunnies can also stir up symptoms too. So vacuum often just to eliminate your carpet as a source for your allergies. If you have rugs – wash them often too.

4) Take an Allergy Pill – I take an allergy pill like REACTINE® whenever my symptoms start to act up. REACTINE® can start to work in 20 minutes, lasts all day and does not make me feel drowsy at all so I can go about my day normally. I also bring it with me when I travel in case I have allergies. I usually bring it along for camping or for the cottage as well.

5) Keep it Clean – Wash your sheets once a week in hot water so you’re not suffering when you’re trying to sleep. Consider washing your hair and taking a shower at night to rinse off any pollen it may have attracted during the day. This is a good idea if you’re especially sensitive.
I find that doing all these little things DO add up – especially when you’re trying to figure out what is triggering your allergies at home. Want a deal on your next purchase of REACTINE®? Check out this coupon here.

Do you suffer seasonal allergies? How do you deal with the symptoms? Share with us in our comments!

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