Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hip + Urban Mom: Babywearing With Stokke

"Babywearing" is one of those words that I keep hearing over and over again. It led me to wonder if it was just another buzz word that gets casually tossed around -- like sleep training and swaddling. The more I read and talked to other new moms, I realize that babywearing is really about bonding. An incredible process where babies are primed to form a strong and emotional attachment. It sets the stage for them to grow up as independent and confident little beings. Simple as that.

Baby carriers therefore, are a must-have for new hip + urban mommies and daddies! It encourages bonding while at the same time, allowing parents to stay active and mobile - hallelujah!!!

I couldn't wait for Caden to be able to hold his head up by himself (which happened around 3 months) so I could test out my new Stokke® MyCarrier Cool™! Here's the verdict:

A baby carrier is NOT like a pair of shoes. So comfort trumps design any day!

Luckily comfort is not at all sacrificed with the Stokke carrier. The ergonomical design provides safety while still being stylishly functional. I particularily appreciate the breathable mesh fabric - having that added barrier kept the drool and sweat away from my body but I was still able to keep Caden snug and close. I also felt that his weight was evenly distributed and both my shoulders and back were supported so after carrying him for 45 mins at the Farmers' Market, I didn't feel sore at all. Oh and it also comes in 2 colours: cream and black.

Was I able to put on the carrier myself with minimum fuss?

I'm not a person that gets flustered easily but insert a crying baby and I start to panic! It did take about 5 tries to get everything adjusted (with hubby's assistance) but after that, I was able to pop Caden in and out effortlessly.

Safety First!

I was impressed with how well thought out the safety features were on this carrier. The harness with zippers, double locking carabiner and extra aluminum support rod for back-carrying is something I haven't seen in other carriers. And of course, it's certified free of harmful substances.

How many positions can you carry the baby in?

At $250, the Stokke is an investment but I love that it's a 3-in-1 carrier and can grow with my little man. From birth to 3 years, it conveniently converts from facing inward and outwards to back carrying.

The Stokke Carrier is definitely HUG approved and I think it's safe to say Caden likes it too!

Click here for the full specs and to visit the Stokke website.

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