Monday, May 12, 2014

Make This! Kale Caesar Salad

My love affair with kale is still going strong and it’s even better in Caesar salad format. It's a healthy lunch or easy dinner idea. I like to add grilled chicken breast or roasted spicy shrimp on top. If you're short on time, pick up a piece of rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and shred the meat on top. For shrimp, I like to toss raw shrimp in chili powder and put it into a oven to roast up. Here's how I make this salad:
Get your hands on a baby kale mix (pre-washed and shredded). If you can't find baby kale mix, I buy mixed field greens and chop up my own kale to make my own half and half mix. Just do what tastes good to you.

Add your favourite lite Caesar dressing, I use store-bought in a bottle. Finish with cherry tomatoes, croutons or breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and a squeeze of lemon. 


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