Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16 is Food Revolution Day!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day with a potluck. I'm the first to admit I'm not the domestic type but with the Sobeys Potluck Planner I was able to effortlessly plan, create and host THIS awesome dinner with some of my favourite people.

A potluck lunch or dinner should be a fun and relaxing event - not a chaotic spectacle in the host's kitchen so here are 8 easy steps on how you can host your own awesomesauce potluck:

1) Signup for the Potluck Challenge. Using the friendly planner, you can quickly and efficiently organize your potluck, get recipes, view the menu and send an online or Facebook invite to your guests.

2) Stay organized with a theme - it gets people excited about cooking plus it's fun to dress up. It can be as simple as selecting a type of cuisine such as Asian fusion or Mexican, a Meatless Monday potluck or as in my case, celebrating a special occasion. Check out these 5 fun themes for inspiration.

3) If you have someone on your list that is not the best chef or don't have time to prepare anything, assign them to bring drinks, a store-bought dessert or better yet, lend a helping hand with the dishes!

4) Encourage guests to keep their dishes simple and prepare them in advance. If a few people require using your stove, you may need to keep a schedule with suggested time slots on when they should arrive so you don't disturb the flow in the kitchen. The last you need is a food fight to breakout or have food sitting around getting cold!

5) Warm up plates in the oven and cool glasses in the freezer just because it's nice to serve the meal and bevvy this way.

6) Have large pitchers of water available for thirsty guests to help themselves. Add in slices of lime, grapefruit or cucumber for flavour and a pretty decorative touch.

7) Ask your guests to bring a reusable container so they can take home the leftovers.

8) Lastly, don't forget to HOST, SHARE & DONATE!! Sobeys and Jamie Oliver are dedicated to bringing better food to Canadians and have designated Friday, May 16 as Food Revolution Day! So snap a photo of your potluck with the hashtag #PotluckChallenge and #FRD2014 on Twitter or Instagram and Sobeys will donate $1 to the Cooking Toward Independence Project.

Bon appetite!

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