Monday, July 28, 2014

Hip + Urban Girl of the Month: Rayanne Langdon

By Wendy Kam Marcy

I met Rayanne four years ago. She was one of the very first people that read our blog and has helped us grow it to what it is today. She's a geek girl with a big heart, loves the Blue Jays and is taking over the social media scene at her latest venture. Say hello to Rayanne Langdon, our HUG of the Month!

1) What is a typical day in the life of Rayanne Langdon?

I like to say that all I care about is having fun. Oh, and being nice to people as much as humanly possible : ) I'm not a morning person, so I usually get on the go later than most. After I spend the day loving the hell out of our tilters (that's what we, at Crowdtilt, call our users), I'm either out to dinner with a friend, at karaoke, or something else I should probably be embarrassed about.

2) You recently made a big career switch to leave the agency life. Tell us about how you came to your decision and the things that you look forward to most in your new job.

I've been all over the place! I started in agency, went to FreshBooks, went back to agency, and now I'm at Crowdtilt : ) Agency is such an amazing place to grow and learn a ton of responsibility, but I'm scrappy. I hate busy work and process for the sake of process. Sometimes (most of the time) things just need to get done and you need to take risks. I'm so excited to be back at a startup, making decisions, and doing things that immediately impact our community.

3) What makes a good Community Manager?

A true love for the product you're marketing, always putting customers first, and really wanting to help and talk to your users and community all the time. "Community Manager" has come to mean a lot of different things, largely focusing on social media, but a good Community Manager loves the hell out of anyone who uses their product or wants to.

4) What's Crowdtilt?

Crowdtilt is the easiest way to pool money with your group to make amazing things happen. We're a crowdfunding platform that helps users fund experiences, purchases, and causes with help from their friends, family, and extended network. We've been live in the U.S. for a couple years, but launched in Canada just a few weeks ago! Some crazy cool campaigns have started and tilted (reached their goal), including funding for a new U of T radio transmitter, a pre-sale for a mystery product that 700 people bought without knowing what it was, and everyday pleasures like groupfunded gifts and cottage trips. If anyone wants to try us out, please email me at rayanne at and I'll help : )

5) Tell us about your neighhourhood and your favourite places to dine, shop and hang out.

I live in St. Lawrence Market and I love it! Well, just a little northeast of there. I honestly don't spend a ton of time in my neighbourhood because I'm always out for dinner or an event, or closer to where my friends are really far north or west of me. But I love staying east, when I can. Rooster Coffee is my favourite cafe in the area. Super cool environment and the baristas are nice and handsome! Le Petit Dejeuner is one of my favourite brunch places (mmm, waffles). And I love walking over to the Distillery District for some gelato at SOMA (I really like desserts). The Distillery also hosts the Leslieville Flea Market in the winter and it's the best. As for straight-up chillin', I'm a big park girl. St. James Park, while a little questionable at times, is quaint and pretty and a nice escape from the city in the middle of the city.

6) A little blue bird told me you rock at Loser Karaoke! Care to share any embarrassing moments?

A little blue bird! Haha, cute. I love that. There aren't many things I like to do more than sing! I rarely get embarrassed because I'm happy to make a fool of myself to entertain other people, but hmm, let's see. I dropped and broke my karaoke host's mic on my birthday one year : ( Sometimes, we do this thing called 'shotgun karaoke' where everyone puts in a well-known song and when it's your turn, you pick one out of a hat at random. I've drawn some doozies, but the worst was Drop It Like It's Hot. Again, I like to act a fool, so I did it, but very extremely not well. I also get really sweaty and nervous at Baby Hueys on Tuesdays because I've had a giant crush on a regular there for years.

7) What advice do you have for hip + urban girls who are looking for a Community Manager position?

If you want to be a Community Manager, make sure you're going after a brand and community you can see yourself loving, be a decent human being, and expect to be flexible and do a million things. And talk to me! I can help : )

Wendy is a VP of Marketing by day, a Blogger by night and a New Mommy 24/7.

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