Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Bling on A Budget with My Femme Crush

If you haven't figured it out already, I have a penchant for accessories. It's not been tested but I'm pretty sure statement necklaces are my kryptonite. I also happen to adore Toronto based accessory labels and giving you the scoop on what's new to the shopping scene so it's my pleasure to introduce you to the recently launched, affordable chic online accessories destination, My Femme Crush and their stylish founders, Shirley Gonzalez and Laura Gonzalez Silvestri. 
What inspired you to launch My Femme Crush?

[Laura ] Shirley and I have been wanting to start a business for years now. We are sisters-in-law, we get along well and have always been tossing around big ideas. We are also very passionate about fashion and the idea of being able to do it well without breaking the bank. Last fall we decided to take the plunge. We wanted to be able to provide young women like us the opportunity to accessorize well and do it as an expression of who you are and how you feel any given particular day. We all know that fashion is an art, and a true expression of your mood - so why not have fun with it and try out different pieces? We love seeing women have the confidence to express themselves through fashion - whether it be edgy, punk, romantic or pin-up gal styles. And so My Femme Crush was born! We focus on offering super chic accessories without the chic price tag, as well as amazing ideas and inspiration on current celeb and street style trend commentary. We are having so much fun and totally living the dream.  We have a ton of ideas and we've only just begun! Keep an eye out for other areas we will branch out into very soon!

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Who are your current Femme Crushes?

[Shirley ]  There are so many to choose from! But I would say right now we are totally crushing on Sienna Miller with her killer style and edgy looks; Emma Watson is such a doll and always looks gorge on the red carpets; and last but not least Rihanna is always after the shock value and her looks are fierce and totally inspiring. We think fashion is about experimenting and expressing yourself and these ladies are on the top of our list for that. But our biggest crush is on our very own fab Crushers, who show us on a regular basis that they have sass and style!

What's the major accessory trend of the summer?

[Laura ] How to choose! There are so many and hard to pick just one - so here is our top 3 go-to list: 

1) The killer statement necklace - the time is right for having a piece that is so stand out it says it all. You can pair it with an amazing summer dress or simply over a graphic tee and ripped jeans... Check out our Monarch Bib for example... no matter how you wear it, its says on-trend and versatility.
 2) The bold cuff or bangle - arm candy has never been so delicious! whether its a thick leather rocker piece like our Maxine Cuffin black and gold, or a simple minimalist bangle like our Flat Spike Bangle - having one of these on and stacking them up is so much fun. 
3) Last but certainly not least, how much fun are Midi Rings right now!? We love, love, love them and the idea of mixing them up... wearing one or more says total on-trend and fashionista style-sense. Check out our Thin Tri-Midi Rings for fun and we assure you, you wont be able to go back to regular rings after! 

I've joined the ranks as a Crusher myself sporting the Fair Taupe Statement, $30  at a summer cruise I hosted last Sunday and the Bloom Babe earrings, $22 are poised to be my new go-to for summer weddings. The price points are stellar but more importantly the pieces feel substantial and photograph fabulously. Hello #Crusher selfies!  Shop My Femme Crush online at Crushers get free shipping for orders over $50. Prices from $15 - $30. 

~ Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Image Alchemist. 

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