Monday, September 29, 2014

Nuit Blanche is THIS Weekend!

By: Lisa Ng

One of my favourite all-night parties has got to be Nuit Blanche

This Toronto art crawl is a free contemporary art event with installations placed throughout the city. The 2014 edition will be taking place THIS Saturday October 4th and kicks-off at 6:53 PM to about sunrise at 7 AM on Sunday morning.

I remember when I used to DJ, I would finish work at around 1 PM and get home at around 1:45 AM. I remember shaking Paul out of bed and saying, "Let's go! We have FIVE more hours before Nuit Blanche ends!" One year, we found ourselves in a drum circle at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art around 4 AM in the morning. Another time, we bumped into friends at 2:30 AM on Yonge Street as we traded intel on where all the best installations were.

It's a night of art appreciation where the whole city comes alive and everyone you know is out and about at this giant art crawl in the most unsuspecting places in Toronto. The best way to get around is TTC and part of the subway service will be extended as well. There's also an all-night ride pass that you can buy for $11.00 - otherwise bike would be my second option as you can whip around quickly and see as much as possible.

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