Friday, September 5, 2014

TIFF Beauty Roundup

By Wendy Kam Marcy & Shari Archinoff

It's all about lights, camera and action for the next 10 days. So before you go strut your stuff on the red carpet, stock up on these beauty essentials - because you'll never know when you will run into Channing Tatum and his posse who are rumoured to be here in TO. Happy TIFFin'!!

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream

Your eyes are the first thing people notice on the red carpet. And on the morning after the kick-off party, Sibu Beauty's Eye Cream worked wonders in reducing those raccoon-like dark circles and puffiness. I love how this eye cream uses plant oils and natural ingredients I can actually pronounce, like sea buckthorn berry and pumpkin seed. It's also small enough to carry around in your purse so you can boost up after work before heading to the preview! ($25)

Evoke Perfume

Although I’m generally not the biggest fan of perfume, I’m really enjoying these scents from Evoke. The company has a strong philosophy about the power of smell and uses the science behind aromatherapy to create each unique scent. There are five in all (fire, wood, water, earth and metalscents) and each is supposed to affect an organ and resolve a different emotion. My favourite is Earth, the scent of peace which focuses on the stomach and resolves worry. All fragrances are vegan and 100% free from parabens, phthalates, synthetics and animal cruelty. ($55)

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

When it comes to nail polish, OPI is one of the most popular and trusted brand names. They’ve recently teamed with Ford Mustang in honour of the car company’s 50th anniversary to release 6 new limited-edition shades inspired by the legendary car. Race Red, a bold orangey-red shade and Girls Love Ponies, a bright pink hue go great with my festival dresses. There are also some tamer colours like taupe and white that will be great for everyday use. ($9.50).

LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner

I’ve been a huge Lush fan for years and recently tried their new African Paradise body conditioner. This product is different from typical moisturizers in that you smooth it on and then rinse it off in the shower, similar to a hair conditioner. I was a bit skeptical at how effective it would be at first, but even after the first try I noticed a difference in my skin, especially the dry, bumpy area on the backs of my arms. The body conditioner is rich and creamy and has a really nice, earthy, almost spicy fragrance that lasts long after you get out of the shower. The body conditioner is also vegan and made mostly from natural, fair trade ingredients. ($40)

Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash

Even though TIFF is a crazy busy time of the year, you should never go to bed with makeup on. I love this facewash because its the perfect time-saving 3-in-1 product that actually works! It's packed with nourishing botanicals like Tea Tree Oil and Grape Seed Oil to help hydrate skin, eliminate uneven skin tone, and fight blemishes, while removing makeup (even stubborn mascara!). It's also pH balanced, so you can skip the toner. ($18)

POWDER PUFF by Kevin Murphy

Wonder how the celebs create that famous bedroom hair look? I found the solution and it's in this little pink jar! Sprinkle onto damp or dry hair at the roots and the powder morphs into a product that holds. It's instant poof without the mess and fuss! Also acts great with absorbing access oils from the scalp and creating that dry matte texture when there is no time to wash. ($28)

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