Friday, October 10, 2014

Hip + Urban Girl of the Month: Alisen Down

By Wendy Kam Marcy

We recently got a chance to chat with award-winning actress, Alisen Down on being a mommy, embarrassing bloopers, fave places to hang out in TO and of course, her latest crime drama series, Gracepoint which premiered on October 2. Say hello to our hip + urban girl of the month!

1) You are an award-winning actress and a mom - how do you juggle your career with family life? Tell us about your typical day.

Well, it depends on the day for sure. Some days I am a star: I can cook and clean and do crafts with my son and prepare an audition all at once! Other days it gets so busy trying to schedule auditions and daycare and everything else that I am amazed anything gets done! It’s a lot of juggling and some days are busier than others.

2) You were born and raised in BC, studies in LA and England, and now live in Toronto - such different cities! Which place did you like the best?

All of those places are dear to my heart: BC because of its natural beauty. LA because the energy there is unlike anywhere in the world. England because its history is so incredible. And Toronto because its an amazing place to live: the people, the opportunities... so much to love!

3) What's been your favourite role so far?

Probably Crystal in a movie I did for CTV with Chris Haddock called “The Life.” She is very dear to my heart. She was a drug addict and sex trade worker on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

4) Any bloopers or embarrassing moments you care to share?

Oh gosh... ummmm I have embarrassing moments all day every day. I’m a bit of a klutz and the worst part is I try to hide it. I just fell on my face today at my son’s new daycare. I tripped on my shoe. Everyone saw. Oh dear.

5) Favourite places to dine, shop and hangout in Toronto?

I love the Beaches!!!! And I love The Tulip restaurant. And I love a place called “Trinity Gallery” in Upper Beaches. They have unique styles there that I don’t find anywhere else!

6) Social Media Addict?

Yes, Twitter! @AlisenDown. And Facebook. And I guess I should look into Instagram soon :)

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