Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bowzer Box - Christmas Gift Idea For Your Dog

By: Lisa Ng

I was recently sent a Bowzer Box in the mail for Paul's family dog - Jake. I was super impressed by all the cool things in it like all-natural baked treats, a chew toy, gourmet dog snacks and even a duck dinner! 

Jake gobbled up the treats in a nanosecond and I was able to spread all the goodies out throughout the month before a new box was delivered.
How does it work? Simply choose a dog size, choose a one-time gift or a renewable monthly plan and have the box delivered to your door. It's a fantastic gift idea for your dog or a dog-lover. Each box is unique, you won't get any repeats and will feature one Canadian product each month. 

Shipping for a Bowzer Box is $4.50/month for flat rate shipping. In addition, this Canadian company donates 10% of its proceeds to doggy resuce group. A one-time box costs $29 or you can save by choosing a 3-month plan at $26 or a 6-month plan for $23. 

It's a great way to spoil your pup!

To learn more visithttp://bowzerbox.ca

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