Friday, January 30, 2015

Disney MagicBands

By: Lisa Ng

I took a little visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida this past fall and I was amazed at the technology they have implemented throughout the parks via the new Disney MagicBands. My previous trips to Disney have involved paper fastpasses, toting around a hotel room key and paper Park Hopper tickets in my wallet.

Not any more.

What I love about Disney, is that they are always on the cutting edge of cool technology. There's even talk about hospitals taking these bands and using them to store patient information. I had the chance to experience the Disney MagicBands firsthand and here's what I loved:

1) No More Paper Fastpasses - Instead of running around the park grabbing Fastpasses, I was able to log-in to my account online and program all the times I wanted to visit certain rides and attractions on my Fastpass. It uses RFID technology to store your info.

2) It's Your Hotel Room Key - I no longer had to carry around a separate key card (that I always lose) in my purse. The Disney MagicBands were loaded with my hotel info and it automatically opened my hotel room door for me. The kids I was traveling with loved it also. They were able to open the door to their room on their own without me. Disney can even send your MagicBands to you ahead of time, so you're all ready for your trip. 

3) Customization - My MagicBand was engraved with my name on the back and I could choose which colour I wanted. This was a fun feature for the kids and myself! The bracelet itself is made of hypoallergenic, flexible non-latex material with ridges on the inside that help air circulate between the MagicBand and the wrist. It has been designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures and also is waterproof. It goes on like a watch and has holes for a universal fit.

4) Charge It to Your MagicBand! - You can make charges at your hotel and restaurant to your band, it's just like a room key with your information stored. So I didn't have to carry my wallet around if I didn't want to. Purchases require a four-digit pin.

5) PhotoPass - If you love having your photos taken by the PhotoPass team at Walt Disney World, then you'll be happy to hear that your MagicBand is also the key to getting all your photos at the end of your trip. This replaces the old plastic PhotoPass card.

6) It's Your Theme Park Ticket - The MagicBand is also your theme park ticket, which is great if you want to re-enter the park or hop to another one. I'm not so paranoid about losing those paper tickets any more!

Overall, I loved the improvements and convenience of the new Disney MagicBands. The kids really loved being able to scan into everything as well. Disney can also send you your MagicBands in advance so you can get the ball rolling on your vacation planning and hit the park as soon as you arrive!

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