Thursday, April 2, 2015

Event: Evergreen Brick Works Spring Swap

By Wendy Kam Marcy

It's officially spring.. which means it's time to dust, declutter and swap!

On Sunday, April 19 give your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories a second home and have fun with your friends while you shop sustainably and score some pre-loved finds for cheap.

Click HERE for details and drop-off times.

Swapping Guidelines:

  • Each item dropped off will have a value of 1 item. You will be given a receipt indicating how many items you have swapped and you are entitled to exchange for the same number of items.
  • Any additional items above those swapped will be $1. This will also be the cost of items for those who have not brought items to swap.
  • You can bring clothing (except underwear and swimsuits), scarves, belts, gloves, shoes, bags, handbags, hats, ties, coats and other fashion accessories to swap.
  • Clothing must be clean, in good condition (free of rips and stains) with buttons and zippers intact. If we feel the item is unsuitable, we may not be able to include it in the swap.
  • All swaps and sales are final. Receipts are dated and cannot be carried forward to the next swap.

Proceeds of this event will go towards further community events at Evergreen Brick Works. At the end of the swap, all extra clothing will be donated to charity.

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