Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grow Op With Victoria Taylor

By Wendy Kam Marcy

Gladstone Hotel will be hosting their 3rd annual Grow Op exhibition on April 23rd to 26th. We chatted with the Co-Founder and Curator, Victoria Taylor about her work in Landscape, Architecture and Urban Design.

Run us through a day in the life of Victoria Taylor.

I always try to start my day outside with a walk or run along the Railpath behind my place. Since my studio is in my home, it’s easy to begin a day by going straight to the computer. Though, a day like that never works out well…

Tell us more about Grow Op: Exploring Landscape and Place.

Grow Op is about bringing people together who want to share new ideas about the outdoor spaces in our cities – how they can look better, function better, how they smell, and how they can be more welcoming to people and the other species with which we share our world. This year, the show features 17 new artworks using installation, video, sound, photography, performance, plants, bees, and more to tell stories and push new meaning about the intersection between landscape, urbanism, and contemporary art.

The term "curator" goes beyond museums now. What does curating mean to you?

The Gladstone Hotel has offered me an incredible opportunity to use my training as a landscape architect to push forward new ideas about landscape and cities. For this role, being a curator has been about pulling together a jury to conceptualize, from nothing, an alternative show about landscape, gardens, art and place making. It’s been about ensuring the integrity of a shared vision, to bring together people from a range of creative practices and encouraging their unique ideas to be realized by promoting a variety of creative practices to talk about ideas around landscape and urban design. It’s about building a story with people, ideas, and materials, and then seeing how people react.

What project(s) are you most proud of?

There are so many, but the ones when I know I’ve really pushed myself to the fullest creative potential are the ones that resonate.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Everywhere! People, everything around me – all the time.

What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

Don't sleep so much. Join a band and make music with people.

What are you favourite places to shop, dine and hangout?

I always love places where there is good music, and where the food is prepared honestly and considers local farmers. A place where you can hear your friends talk… preferably next to a fire!

Photo credit: Victoria Taylor, Landscape Architect

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