Friday, May 22, 2015

An Update on My Water Well Project!

By: Lisa Ng

Hello Everyone! 

I announced earlier this year that I am raising money to fund a water well for a community of 500+ people in a developing country with So far, Paul and I have raised $1500 and we have only $3500 to go and I need your help.

A little background on how this all got started.

I was making a list of goals I wanted to achieve this year and one of them was to leave behind some sort of legacy. Something that would make an impact for a group of people and would leave the world a better place than I had found it. 

Slide The City - So when Los Angeles announced that it would be bringing in an 8-block long waterslide event called Slide The City, I of course immediately signed up. There was a charity portion that was optional for a non-profit called

I had never heard of this charity before, but once I learned more about how they build water wells around the world for communities in need - I was on board to fundraise! Paul and I were going to raise $5000 in one year to fund a water well. 

Due to the drought, the waterslide event was cancelled - but Paul and I were committed to finishing what we started...which means we are going to build this water well!!!

How It Works - Once the well is funded, it takes about a year for the well to be commissioned and built. We will get a plaque on the well, GPS co-ordinates and a PDF impact report on how it has impacted the community. What made Generosity different was that they run with a really lean staff and seem to put as much back into their projects as possible. Our well will be built in a country where they currently running a project. Right now, it's Haiti, India and Africa.

What If This Well Breaks? Ok, I've read lots of articles about water charities that build all these wells that break down and are rendered useless. I didn't want to partner up with a non-profit where this happens. What makes Generosity different is that they form a water council with local villagers and train them on how-to repair the well and maintain it over the years. 

How Can You Help?

1) You can make a donation right away and we can build this well together! Here's where you can donate:

2) I'm hosting an online silent auction to raise the remaining $3500 USD needed. We are SO CLOSE! If you are a brand or business that would like to donate a product or service, please email me. The auction will be held in Canadian dollars and will include lots of local businesses in Toronto as well. Here's more info on the silent auction and who has already donated!

3) Bid on auction items! My online silent auction launches next month and you can bid on any of the items donated. Not only are you helping out with a great cause - you're getting something in return, so everybody wins!!!

Have questions? Please feel free to get in touch or to share this post with anyone you think might be able to help out with a silent auction donation.

Thank you!

Lisa Ng is also the Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart women. You can follow her online @helloLisaNg + on Instagram @ThisBeautifulDay.

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